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This page contains information on the region Disc of Cauthess, as well as what things to do within the region and where to go. Refer to this page for item and monster information, as well as to find your way around, if you ever get lost!

Disc of Cauthess Map - Points of Interest

Location Information

The Disc of Cauthess is being used as a 'geothermal' energy drawing point by EXINERIS Industries. It is also where the meteor sent to destroy Eos almost touched down, if not for the sacrifice of the Astral Titan. Up until today, the meteor can be seen, and it is said that Titan is still shouldering its weight.

The Disc is where Noctis faces off against the Astral, determined to have its power on his side of the oncoming battles.

Disc of Cauthess Dungeon - Points of Interest

Areas of Interest
Meteor of the Six EXINERIS Industries

Disc of Cauthess Regional Monsters

Disc of Cauthess

List of Appearing Monsters/Enemies:

Imperial Sniper
Imperial Spearman
Magitek Swordsman

Disc of Cauthess Available Quests

Disc of Cauthess

List of Available Quests:

A Dubious Drive
The Archaean
The Trial of Titan

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