Bounty Hunting Guide

This page is for the Bounty Hunting system in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn more about Hunts and what you can receive from them!

What are Bounty Hunts?

Hunt List

Bounty Hunts or simply Hunts are sidequests that can be taken from diners or restaurants. Each hunt requires the player to defeat an monster or a group of monsters somewhere around the map, which is usually an area close to where you took the hunt request.

There are monsters that can only be encountered during hunts.

For a complete list of Hunts and where to take them, check out the link below!

Hunts List and Guide

Receiving Hunt Rewards

After you defeated the mark, or the target indicated on the hunt, you need to report back to any tipster to receive your reward. It does not need to be the one who gave you the hunt, the rewards will be the same.

Hunt Markers

Black marker

Easier hunts are denoted by yellow markers. These are recommended for beginners or if you think that you are too underleveled based on the hunt's recommended level. Red markers denote the more difficult hunts, offering more challenge.

Generally, all targets on hunts are stronger than those you encounter in storyline quests.

Hunt Active Times

Monsters in hunts appear only on certain times of the day. You can view which time they are Active and can be encountered on the hunt details which can be also reviewed in the Quest menu.

If you join a hunt where the targets are only active during nighttime, you will be prompted if you want to wait until nighttime. Choosing to wait will instantly skip you through the day and to the exact time when the targets are active while still being on the diner where you took the hunt.

To know more about skipping to nighttime, click the link below!

How to Fast Forward to Nighttime

Hunter Rank

Hunter Rank is a system related to hunts which increases as you successfully complete hunts. You can increase your hunter rank by obtaining stars.

The number of stars that you acquire depends on the hunt that you successfully completed. Difficult targets usually provide more stars and better rewards.

Some hunts are unavailable at first (indicated by a greyed hunt name on the hunt list) and only becomes available once you reach the Hunter Rank required.

Hunt unavailable

Check out the guide below to know more about increasing Hunter Rank!

How to Increase Hunter Rank

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