How to Obtain Shiva

This is the page for Game8's guide to summoning the Hexatheon Shiva. Details about this summon, as well as stats, what to expect when encountering it for the first time, and where to find it is found here.

Shiva General Information



Shiva is a part of the Six, the Astral closely affiliated with Ice. She is also known as The Glacian and acts as a Messenger between the gods and humans at times.


Classification Astral Gender Female
Summoner/s Noctis Lucis Caelum Element Ice

Shiva Moveset

Summon Moves
Diamond Dust Envelops foes in a vacuum of super-chilled air

Where to get Shiva

The corpse of Shiva can be found near the line of the train heading to Gralea. After the events in the train with Ardyn, Shiva becomes a summon. More on this can be found here:
Off the Rails - Story Walkthrough and Guide

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