Best and Worst Treasure Items to Sell

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This is a page for selling treasure items in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to know about the best treasure items that you can safely sell!

Best Treasure Items to Sell

Wind-up Lord Vexxos

Wind-up Lord Vexxos is obtained as a prize that can be won by playing Justice Monsters Five (10,000 Gil) in Altissa and can also be used as a catalyst for the highest tier of spells.

Wind-up Lord Vexxos is the top prize (99 chests) so it may take some time to get it but it will sure be worth the effort and Gil as selling each will net you 500,000 Gil which makes selling it more rewarding than using it as a catalyst.

Other Treasure Items to Sell

Item Price
Giant Hairy Horn 1,400 Gil
Slimy Oil 210 Gil
Strong Whiskers 3,400 Gil
Platinum Ingot 10,000 Gil
Giant Curlhorn 1,700 Gil
Anak Fetlock 300 Gil
Crooked Helixhorn 1,300 Gil
Thunderoc Feather 700 Gil
Wyvern Wing 1,600 Gil

Treasure Items That You Should Not Sell

Components for Upgradable Weapons

  • Barbed Scythe
  • Cactuar Needle
  • Coeurl Whiskers
  • Dynamo
  • Earth Gemstone
  • Glass Gemstone
  • Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Magitek Core
  • Magnetron
  • Metal Scrap
  • Monster Claw
  • Rusted Bit
  • Sky Gemstone
  • Spiked Armor
  • Sturdy Helixhorn

All of these items are needed for the upgradable weapons. For the complete list of upgradable weapons and how to obtain them and their components, check the link below!

List of Upgradable Weapons

Spell Catalysts

  • Debased Silverpiece
  • Rare Coin
  • Adamantite
  • Dragon Claw
  • Hardened Hide
  • Hunter's Medal
  • Rotten Splinterbone
  • Zu Beak

Debased Silverpieces and Rare Coins are the best items to use as catalysts for Expericasts while the others are used as catalysts to craft the highest tier of spells and are very difficult to obtain. Learn more about elemancy and catalysts by clicking the link below!

Elemancy System and How to Use Spells

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