How to Defeat Ardyn

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This is a guide on defeating Ardyn in Final Fantasy XV (FFXV, FF15). This guide points out the weaknesses of Ardyn, as well as its movesets. If you're looking for a strategy to defeat this monster, this is the place to find it!

Ardyn Basic Stats and Information

Basic Stats

HP 200,000 EXP 6,501
Level 58 Element Ice
Type Bosses Parryable? -

Elemental and Physical Weaknesses

Phys. Resistance Phys. Weakness Mag. Resistance Mag. Weakness
All Weapons Normal Attack (100%) - - -

Ardyn Movesets

Ardyn's attacks almost mirror those of Noctis. He has his own version of point-warp and warp-attack, and he can also use a version of the Armiger. His most potent attacks are perhaps the spells he uses, as well as the Dark-element charged sword attack. Ardyn is also fond of locking swords with Noctis where, if he is successful, he leaves Noctis stunned and open to a devastating attack.

His attacks are strong, highly unpredictable, and get slightly stronger when his HP is near-depleted.

How to Beat Ardyn

Near the end of the fight, things get cinematic where the player can end the fight with a series of thrusts and attacks using the Royal Arms.

At the beginning of the fight, Ardyn will fight at full strength, using different versions of the Royal Arms and keep the player on the defensive. This is a good tactic, as the player can unleash powerful counters if he times parrying Ardyn's attack. Finishing Ardyn off in the first fight will open a new scene where Ardyn and Noctis will fight using the full power of their Armigers. This Armiger that Noctis uses is closer to the Trial of Leviathan version than the usual Armiger, so the player can use warp-attack and dodge without worrying about their health. Ardyn is also at his strongest when using his own Armiger, though the player can defeat him quicker in this scene.

Near the end of the final fight, things get cinematic where the player can end the fight with a series of quick-time events and attacks using the Royal Arms. Defeating Ardyn also means moving into the final cutscenes of the game.

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