Altissia, City on the Sea - Story Walkthrough and Guide

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This page is for Altissia, City on the Sea, the first Quest of Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about which side quests, bosses, and items are available in this chapter!

FFXV Altissia, City on the Sea Walkthrough

List of Objectives
1 Watch a scene where Ardyn and Ravus are speaking at the start of the quest.
2 Head on towards Atissia, and gain entry to Accordo. A guard will stop your advance, but Cid will come prepared with an old entry pass.
3 Another guard will stop the party. You can take the 'alternate entry program' route but it will cost you 3,000 gil.
4 FINAL FANTASY XV_Maagho Search for the Maagho, Weskham's bar. Take a gondola to the quest marker.
5 Once you find him, Weskham will welcome the party to the Maagho and the city. Ask him about the current state of affairs when given the chance.
5 The Altissian first secretary, Camelia, will also make an appearance upon hearing that the king of Insomnia is in town. Speak with her.

Tips and Strategies

This is a list of important things to do in the quest Altissia, City on the Sea. Read on to find out which of them is crucial to proceeding.

  • Take the gondolas on the canals to reach your quest markers.
  • While taking in the sights and sounds of the city, be sure to look out for items and other draw points lying about.

List of items


List of Items:

Gold Needle
Smelling Salts
Maiden's Kiss
Remedy (Panacea)
Verve WX
Spirit ZX
Glass Gemstone
Beautiful Bottle
Broken Harmonica
Shattered Timepiece
Debased Silverpiece
Debased Coin
Debased Banknote
Old Book
Rare Coin
Oracle ascension coin

Boss Battles and Monsters


List of Appearing Monsters/Enemies:
Coming Soon!

Appearing Bosses

There are no boss battles in this Chapter 9 quest.

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