How to Fish and Catch Big Fish

This is a guide for the Fishing system in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn about fishing, how to get better fishes, and more!

How to Fish

1 Go to the fishing spot and press
2 Select a spot and press to cast the line
3 Move the lure using the left stick and R2
4 Once a fish took a bite, reel in the fish using R2 while following the prompts on-screen using the left stick
5 Continue reeling in the fish until its stamina bar is completely depleted

1. Starting to Fish

Go to a fishing spot marked on your map and press to start fishing.

2. Casting the Line

Move the marker using the left stick until it turns yellow, indicating that a fish is near the marker. You can also refer to your minimap to know the location of edible and inedible fishes.

Cast the line by pressing after selecting a spot.

3. Moving the Lure

You can move the lure using the left stick and R2 to attract the fish nearby.

4. Reeling the Fish

Follow the command prompt that will flash on your screen when a fish bites the lure. If done correctly, you can then reel the fish using R2 while also following more prompts on-screen using the left stick.

5. Catching the Fish

You will catch the fish after you have drained its stamina bar (shown on the top of your screen) completely.

Crag Barramundi

Fishing Tips and Tricks

Equip Better Fishing Equipments

You can change your fishing equipment by pressing the touchpad.

Different lines have different durability. Choose lines that have more durability to increase your chances of catching a strong fish.

Change your lure if you want a specific kind of fish. You can check the information of each lure to know if it matches the fish that you are aiming for.

Rods affect the speed of catching a fish while reels affect how fast the line's durability depletes when a fish tries to pull the line.

Reeling is Important

Always follow the prompt that appear on screen while reeling.

Hold R2 to reel in the fish but be careful not to break the line by putting in too much tension. This can be avoided by releasing R2 when your controller vibrates or when the tension bar appears red.

Weather and Time of Day

Fishes that can be caught in a fishing spot depends on the weather and the current time of the day. There are different conditions to be met for each fish so you must wait patiently if your target fish is not yet available.

Rarity of Fishes

Your minimap shows the fishes that can be caught, together with their rarity, from the fishing spot that you are currently in. You can use this to choose which spot to cast your line into.

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