Combat Guide

This page is for the combat guide in Final Fantasy XV. Read on for tips and techniques that you will find useful during combat!

Combat Tips and Techniques

Switching Weapons

You can change your current weapon mid-air to skip the animation and continue moving. You can do this even when out of combat.

Mid-air Chain Attacks

It is recommended to jump before doing chain attacks (hold ) to make Noctis dash towards the target then move with the left stick while doing a chain attack to get into a safer position and a chance to execute a blindside attack.



Executing a warp-strike will make Noctis invulnerable with the cost of MP. This technique is useful when you want to chase down an enemy or when you are being surrounded and there is an enemy far from you that you can warp-strike to (if there are no warp points available).

Warp-strikes will also deal bonus damage depending on the distance between Noctis and the target.



Some areas have warp points that can be utilized during combat. Point-warping will instantly replenish all of Noctis's MP and quickly regenerate his HP while hanging.

This means you can cycle through warp-strikes then point-warping to secure your MP consumption and survivability during combat!



Holding the button in combat will make Noctis phase through attacks. Take note that phasing consumes MP so it is recommended to use this efficiently.



During combat, you may be prompted to hold to block an incoming attack. After successfully blocking the attack, quickly press to perform a parry that will deal damage to the attacker and grant Noctis invincibility.

Invulnerability while Using Techniques


Holding L1 and choosing one of your party members with the Dpad will execute a Technique and grant both Noctis and the chosen member invulnerability all throughout the attack frame.

Unleashing Armiger

After unlocking Armiger, pressing L1 + R1 when the Armiger bar (the circle at the bottom left of the screen) is full will activate it.

During the duration, Noctis will be able to perform high-damaging barrage of attacks with the Royal Arms in addition to greatly improved combat abilities.

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