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Synergy Guide: How to Synergize Yuffie and Sonon

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Synergy Guide how to synergize Yuffie and Sonon
This is a guide on the new Synergy effect in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) DLC Intergrade. Learn what Synergy is and the requirements to Synergize Yuffie and Sonon.

How to Synergize

Requires Both Yuffie and Sonon

Sonon and Yuffie synergy
Because Synergized moves are team-up attacks, you will require more than one party member to perform them. For Yuffie to be able to Synergize, she's going to need Sonon in her party. It is unknown if Yuffie will be able to Synergize with any other characters in future installments of FF7 Remake.

Both Yuffie and Sonon Need ATB

Yuffie Windstorm Synergized
A Synergized ability uses 2 characters to execute them; this will also mean that both of the characters will require ATB. Having only Yuffie or Sonon with available ATB will not allow them to perform the Synergized abilities. Once you start Synergizing, save up ATB to pull off those sick Synergized abilities!

List of Synergy Abilities and Limit Breaks

Synergized Art of War and Synergized Windstorm can only be executed by Yuffie, while Limit Synch can be activated by either Yuffie or Sonon.

Synergized Art of War

Synchronized Art of War.gif

This attack focuses on hitting a single opponent repeatedly, finishing with a smackdown that can deal over 5000 damage. Other enemies in close range can be caught in the crossfire as well. Like traditional Art of War, it also increases the damage of follow-up attacks.

Synergized Windstorm

Synchronized Windstorm.gif

Synergized Windstorm is a powerful area of effect Wind-elemental attack which can juggle weak enemies and rack up Stagger. Unlike the standard Windstorm, there is only one effect, and throwing a shuriken at an enemy in advance will not change its result.

Limit Synch

Limit Synch.gif

Just like you'd expect, Yuffie and Sonon's synchronized Limit Break deals a whirlwind of damage, draining both characters' limit bars in a single blow. However, both Yuffie and Sonon need full limit bars in order for it to work.

What is Synergy?

Allows Synergized Abilities in INTERmission

A new feature introduced with EPISODE INTERmission, Synergize that is available to Yuffie whenever Sonon is alive and in her party. Synergize is a status buff that when active, allows Yuffie and Sonon to simultaneously perform attacks together, as well as execute specific Abilities together.

When Yuffie and Sonon are synergized, Sonon will stay close to Yuffie and attack the same enemy as her, and will switch between physical attacks and Ninjutsu to match her. Essentially, it's a passive method to control Sonon, who cannot be directly controlled by the player.

That said, using Synergy causes ATB to accumulate more slowly, so the player must balance time in and out of Synergy to get the best results.

Can Synergize Limit Breaks

Not only can Yuffie Synergize her abilities but she can also Synergize her Limit Break with Sonon's. This will essentially allow you to use two Limit Breaks at the same time!

This will of course require Yuffie and Sonon to be Synergized and both of them must have their Limit Breaks ready. In addition, Sonon needs to have the Synergized Limit Breaks Weapon Upgrade for the Marshalist's Staff active in order for this option to be available.

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