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FF7R Intergrade
A new DLC, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade!
Intergrade Release Date and Features

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, a new DLC episode of FF7R, has been announced exclusively for the PS5. Learn all about the game's release date, new characters, bosses, and content in our complete summary.

FF7R Intergrade Announcement Trailer

FF7R Intergrade Summary and Features

Release Date ・June 10th, 2021 (Worldwide)
Available Platforms ・PS5 exclusive
Price (Upgrade) ・PS5 Upgrade: Free
・Yuffie Mission: Unconfirmed ($10?)
Price (Full game) ・Standard Edition: $69.99
・Digital Deluxe Edition: $89.99
Free Upgrade Features ・Graphical and loading time improvements for PS5
・Normal difficulty for Classic Mode
・Photo Mode
・Option to switch between Graphics Mode and Performance Mode
Paid Upgrade Features ・New story mission featuring Yuffie

FF7R Intergrade, a brand-new DLC for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, is coming exclusively to the PS5 this June. In addition to jawdropping free graphical updates for the PS5, an additional paid DLC features a brand-new mission starring Yuffie.

It also includes a new Photo Mode, as well as the much-requested Normal difficulty for Classic Mode... although we can't say why this particular feature needs to be a PS5 exclusive.

That said, it's great to see new content for a title many weren't expecting any DLC to arrive for. Here's hoping this will tide fans over until Part 2 drops (not likely).

FF7R Intergrade Release Date

Intergrade Release Date.png

FF7R Intergrade has been announced for a PS5 worldwide release on June 10th, 2021.

We're hoping for a smooth release with no delays this time around!

FF7R Intergrade New Mission

Although the announcement trailer showed off plenty of new gameplay, this tweet from the FF7 Remake official twitter gives the clearest summary.

In a brand-new episode, players will be controlling Yuffie as they break into a Shinra Corporation building in order to obtain a powerful Materia.

Based on the trailer, we can make a few assumptions about the new episode.

  • Yuffie, and another new character called Sonon, will be playable in this mission.
  • Yuffie will not join the main party of Cloud, Barret, and the other AVALANCHE members, who are presumably unplayable in this mission.
  • The mission seems to take place during Chapter 8 of the main game, as Barret reports to Biggs that Cloud was lost, presumably after his fall after the fight with Airbuster. Players will likely need to reach this point in the normal game, at which point they will have the option to take on the Intergrade mission.

FF7R Intergrade New Characters

Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie 1.png

Yuffie Kisaragi first appeared as a hidden character in the original Final Fantasy 7. This marks her first appearance in the Remake.

Hailing from Wutai, a nation fresh out of war with Shinra, Yuffie introduces herself as a member of the Special Forces for the Wutai New Government. Her appearance in Midgar did not appear in the original Final Fantasy 7, in which she first appears after the party leaves Midgar.

A fan favorite, Yuffie frequently appears in Final Fantasy 7 spin-off materials. It's likely that she will reappear in Part 2 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a standard party character akin to her original appearance.

Sonon Kusakabe


Sonon Kusakabe is a new character joining Yuffie on her mission. Not much is known about him, but his name is shown in the HP meters shown in the video, so he will be a playable character alongside Yuffie in this mission.

Information on other new characters appearing in the trailer will be added soon!

FF7R Intergrade New Boss

New Boss.png

A new mission wouldn't be complete without a new boss to cap it off. Akin to the Scorpion Sentinel and Crab Warden, the new boss seems to follow the trend of arthropod-based mecs, this time resembling a centipede.

Yuffie is shown taking it down from above with a powerful slash from her shuriken.

FF7R Intergrade Available Platforms

Is FF7R Intergrade on PS4?

All official sources regarding FF7R Intergrade have pointed towards a PS5-exclusive release for FF7R Intergrade.

As the era of the PS4 has ended, it's likely that there will never be a release for the PS4. Fans will need to upgrade to the new console in order to enjoy the new Yuffie-centered mission included.

Is FF7R Intergrade on PC or Xbox?

A PC or Xbox version of FF7 Remake is possible after the one-year moratorium ends in April of 2021. However, no PC or Xbox release has been announced, so we likely won't be seeing these versions of the game anytime soon, and the current June 10th release date is expected to be strictly for PS5 players.

FF7R Intergrade Price

Upgrade and Episode Price.pngEnlarge

Click the image above for details.

PS5 Upgrade is Free

The PS5 upgrade included with FF7R Intergrade has been announced to be a free update. This seems to include all newly announced features as well, such as the Normal Classic difficulty and Photo Mode.

Note that Japanese players will need to pay 100 yen (about 1 US dollar) for the PS5 upgrade.

Yuffie Episode is Paid DLC

That said, the new episode featuring Yuffie will be paid DLC. The PS5 Features Video confirms that the new episode will be “available for purchase after upgrading,” but the exact price has not been confirmed. Based on the difference between the cost of the PS4 version of FF7R ($59.99) and the standalone PS5 version of Intergrade ($69.99), a price of 10 dollars is likely.

Available as a Standalone Purchase

For players who have not already purchased Final Fantasy 7 Remake, FF7R Intergrade is also available as a standalone purchase including both the original game and the new Yuffie Mission. A standard version for $69.99 and a Digital Deluxe Version for $89.99 are available.

Preorder from the Playstation Store

FF7R Intergrade PS5 Upgrade

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade overhauls the game for the PS5, cranking the graphics up to a new level. See the full PS5 Features trailer above for a side-by-side comparison of the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game.

Can I Transfer My PS4 Save Data?

Players will be able to upgrade their PS4 version of the game to the PS5 version of the game for free, and can even carry over their save data.

Can Both Physical and Digital Versions Upgrade?

The trailer suggests that both physical and digital versions of Final Fantasy 7 Remake can enjoy the free PS5 Upgrade.

However, players who own the physical version of the game will need to be careful if they plan on purchasing a PS5 for the upgrade. The digital-only version of the PS5 will not be able to upgrade a physical copy of FF7R, so be sure to purchase a PS5 with a disk drive if you're playing the game on a disk.

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So they're letting people buy the game on ps4 for 80$ but selling that and the DLC cheaper on PS5 to promote ps5 and not even putting the rest of them out on ps4? Talk about a fuckin' scam

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