How Do Critical Hits Work? | FF7 Remake

This is a page about critical hits in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Read on to find out what determines the critical hit rate and how much extra damage they deal.

How Do Critical Hits Work?

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Critical hits deal more damage than a regular attack and occur depending on various parameters. You'll know you've landed a critical hit as the numbers that appear while attacking are much larger than normal. The basic formula for critical hits is as follows:

(Luck Stat/512) ✖️Weapon Skill Modifier
(i.e if the skill is 10% up, the modifier is 1.1x)

If there are multiple modifiers in effect, they will be added together for the final value. For example, if you have a Critical Hit Rate 10% Boost skill paired with a Critical Hit Rate 50% Boost skill, the modifier becomes 1.6x. Keep in mind, however, that the weapon skill Weapon Ability Critical Hit Rate 10% Boost does not affect character's unique abilities.

How is Critical Hit Damage Calculated?

The amount of damage done is as follows:

Damage Dealt ✖️(1.2x + 1)

Critical Damage Boost weapon skills will further increase this damage as well. However, critical hit damage does not apply to damage boosts from linking the Elemental materia on a weapon.

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