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Paying Respects Walkthrough (Side Quest 12) | Graveyard Key Location

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This is a walkthrough for Side Quest (Odd Job) 12: Paying Respects in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This guide will show how to find this quest, how to obtain the graveyard key and defeat the Venomantises, as well as rewards!

Previous Quest The Angel of the Slums
Current Quest Paying Respects
Next Quest Burning Thighs

Paying Respects Rewards and Information

Quest Giver Location Chapter
Old Man Sector 5 Slums Weapon Shop 8
Reward Rating
Studded Bracer ★★★

Paying Respects Walkthrough

1 Speak to the Old Man in front of the Weapons Shop and he will ask you to take care of some monsters in the graveyard.
2 To access the graveyard you will need the key. If you didn't already buy it from Moggie (The Moogle Merchant) in the Children's Hideout, it costs 1 Moogle Medal.
3 With key in hand, make your way north to Nuts 'n' Bolts Hill where you will find a path to the graveyard.
4 You will be up against three Venomantises. Take them out and go back to the old man and receive your reward.

Paying Respects Tips & Tricks

  • The Venomantises are aggressive and can poison you. They are weak to ice magic so hit them with Blizzara when possible to quickly stagger them. Cloud's counterattack when in Punisher is also quite effecive and prevents you from taking damage.
  • The Studded Bracer you receive has a high defense stat so this Odd Job is recommended to complete if you can defeat the Ventomantises.

Side Quest (Odd Job) Related Links

Chapter 8

Quest Reward
1 Mysterious Moogle.pngThe Mysterious Moogle Merchant Access to the Moogle Emporium
2 Kids on Patrol.pngKids on Patrol Nail Bat
3 Weapons on a Rampage.pngWeapons on a Rampage Protective Boots
4 A Verified Hero.pngA Verified Hero Elixir
5 The Angel of the Slums.pngThe Angel of the Slum 2,000 Gill
6 Paying Respects.pngPaying Respects Studded Bracer

Disovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
The Gate Won't Open ・Shortcut through path
The Language of Flowers ・Cutscene
MP Up Materia

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Discovery Quests and Rewards

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