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List of Artificial Life Enemies and Weaknesses

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This page lists all artificial life enemies from Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). To learn the weaknesses of every artificial life enemy, or see their stats and other information, see the list below!

List of Artificial Life Enemies

Enemy Weaknesses
Monodrive IconMonodrive -
Mark II Monodrive IconMark II Monodrive -
Zenene IconZenene -
Brain Pod IconBrain Pod -
Swordipede IconSwordipede -
Varghidpolis IconVarghidpolis -
Byobapolis IconByobapolis -
Hellhound IconHellhound -
Bomb IconBomb -
Specimen H0512 IconSpecimen H0512 -
H0512-OPT IconH0512-OPT -
Hell House IconHell House Physical
Failed Experiment IconFailed Experiment Sleep
Unknown Entity IconUnknown Entity -
Type-0 Behemoth IconType-0 Behemoth Stop, Proportional Damage
Diabolic Creation IconDiabolic Creation -

What are Artificial Life Enemies?

Artificial Life enemies are manmade beings. These enemies are created and weaponized to be used as tools of destruction. They are often weak to wind or some other kind of magic.

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Human Biological Artificial Life
Mechanical Unreadable


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