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This is a profile of the character Leslie Kyle from the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Read on to learn about this character's voice actor and characteristics.

Leslie Kyle's Backstory and Profile


Don Corneo's lackey may look young, but he has the heart of an old curmudgeon. His dead-eyed stare and general apathy have earned him pride of place among the don's men.
Name Leslie Kyle
Voice Actor English: Mark Whitten
Japanese: Tasuku Hatanaka
Position Don Corneo's Subordinate

Leslie Kyle's Characteristics

Subordinate of Don Corneo

Leslie Kyle is a subordinate of Don Corneo. He is good at negotiating even at a young age and a very useful aide to Don Corneo.

A New Character

Leslie Kyle is a new character of Final Fantasy VII Remake. He appears in Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps denying Cloud and Aerith access to Don Corneo's abode and has a more prominent role in Chapter 14: In Search of Hope, showing that Leslie had a fiance, but Don Corneo ripped that away from him. Leslie has been plotting revenge on the Don ever since.

Chapter 14: In Search of Hope Walkthrough


Leslie Kyle has a stone-cold gaze, and he doesn't let emotions get the best of him.


Leslie Kyle has a silver hair. He wears a black peaked cap, black and red jacket over a plain white shirt, and a black glove on his left hand. He matches this with black knee-length shorts and boots.

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9 Anonymousalmost 3 years

He's definitely not a new character if you read the novels😂

8 Anonymousalmost 4 years

I wish Leslie Kyle would get a happy ending that is on screen. Let's destroy Shinra once again shall we! They did nothing but exploit lives


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