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This is a profile of the character Heidegger from the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Read on to learn about this character's voice actor and characteristics.

Heidegger's Backstory and Profile


The director of Public Security, this former commanding officer has been President Shinra's right-hand man since the early days of the company. The president trusts him implicitly, which has made Public Security the most powerful division within Shinra. Like the president, Heidegger is ruthless, and will not hesitate to sacrifice others to get what he wants.
Name Heidegger
Voice Actor English: John DiMaggio
Japanese: Katsumi Cho
Position Shinra Company Chief of Public Security

Heidegger's Characteristics

Shinra's Chief of Public Security

As the head of the Public Security division of Shinra, he acts as the commanding officer of Shinra's standing army. He follows orders from his boss faithfully, but he draws a line at going beyond what is requested of him.

An unreliable character in the original game

In the original FF7, Heidegger has the Turks elite force under his command, but the more-capable Tseng actually pulls the strings. And when things don't work out his way due to his own ineptitude, he gets frustrated and takes it out on his subordinates.

Judging by the little screen time he gets in Part 1 of the Remake series, it appears as if Heidegger is being painted as slightly more capable than in the original FF7. However, his scenes are largely spent with his subordinates who obey him without question, which may skew our perception of him. We have yet to see how well he keeps his composure when faced with Rufus leading Shinra.

A character-defining laugh

In the original game, Heidegger was known for his idiosyncratic laugh of “Gya haa haa haa!”, to the disdain of Rufus Shinra. Fans may be glad to know that he maintains his unique laugh in the Remake. Then again, other fans may side with Rufus on this one.

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Still useless.

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His look compliments his position in shinra but it barely shows the way he is in the game.


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