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This is a guide on how to complete the Raven Challenge in Odin Mine Hideout for Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn all about enemy composition, best positioning, and kill goal requirements for this Mastery Challenge!

Odin Mine Hideout Raven Challenge Location

You can find Odin Mine Hideout Raven Challenge shrine just west of The Sleeping Jotun in the region of Snotinghamscire.

Odin Mine Hideout Raven Challenge Info

Odin Mine Hideout Raven.jpg

Raven Icon Trial of the Raven
Objective Steal all the artifacts
Bronze Ranking 300
Silver Ranking 600
Gold Ranking 1000
Scoring Breakdown
Air Assassinations 702
Remain anonymous 200
Eliminate all the Guards 98
Weapon Arc of Elan
Yngling Seax
Armor Thrall's Breeches and Tunic
Ranged Abilities Thorn of Slumber
Melee Abilities None

Enemy Information

Challenge Requirements
Air Assassinations Remain anonymous Eliminate all Guards
13 1 13

During this challenge, you will encounter a total of 13 Enemies scattered around the area of the trial. You need to Air Assassinate all of them while Remaining anonymous during the whole trial in order to earn a Gold Medal.

Some enemies will remain still and watch over an area while some will patrol from point to point so it is important to observe them before assassinating them.


Battle Energy Icon.png Mastery Energy Icon.png
10 Battle Energy per Medal 2 Mastery Energy for Silver Medals
4 Mastery Energy for Gold Medals

You can only gain the rewards once for the first time you earn a Medal. You can use these energies to buy items from Hildiran's Shop back in Ravensthorpe.

Odin Mine Hideout Raven Challenge Guide

Stay Above the Ground Level

Odin Mine Raven Challenge - Stay Above Ground
There are a lot of elevated platforms, ropes, and walls you can stay atop of. Since you'll be spending most of your time air assassinating, the key is to assassinate, and climb back up. This is also helpful as it keeps you hidden.

Use Dead Bodies to Lure Enemies

Odin Mine Raven Challenge - Dead Bodies Lure
Not all enemies will be in range for an air assassination without being seen, particularly the first three. The key is to air assassinate someone safely, climb back up to where you came from, and wait for another soldier to come by and investigate the body of their dead comrade. This will allow you to air assassinate them as well.

Use Thorn of Slumber

While it is possible to get Gold in this challenge without using the skill, it's helpful to use this skill to keep hidden by putting enemies who could potentially spot you to sleep.

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