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This page is about the Ostara Festival Free Update in the game Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Read on to learn more about this festival and what content is available in this free update.

Ostara Festival Special Rewards


You can get these rewards by purchasing them with Tokens at the Festival Shop in Ravensthorpe. You can get Tokens by participating in the Festival's activities or completing any of the new quests for the Ostara Festival.

Raven Cosmetics
Colorful Raven.jpgColorful Raven 240 Tokens
Settlement Cosmetics
Small Floral Arrangement.jpgSmall Floral Arrangement 30 Tokens
Small Floral Shrine.jpgSmall Floral Shrine 30 Tokens
Small Hog Log.jpgSmall Hog Log 30 Tokens
Small Fairy Trap.jpgSmall Fairy Trap 30 Tokens
Mossy Faced Tree.jpgMossy Faced Tree 140 Tokens
Powerful Tree Warrior.jpgPowerful Tree Warrior 30 Tokens
Victorious Tree Warrior.jpgVictorious Tree Warrior 30 Tokens
Tree Spear Warrior.jpgTree Spear Warrior 30 Tokens
Tree Warrior.jpgTree Warrior 30 Tokens
Tattoo Cosmetics
Ostara Arms.jpgOstara Tattoo (Arms) 70 Tokens
Ostara Back.jpgOstara Tattoo (Back) 70 Tokens
Ostara Head.jpgOstara Tattoo (Head) 70 Tokens
Ostara Torso.jpgOstara Tattoo (Torso) 70 Tokens
Hair Cosmetics
Flower Hair (Blond).jpgFlower Hair (Blond) 20 Tokens
Flower Hair (Light Brown).jpgFlower Hair (Light Brown) 20 Tokens
Flower Hair (Dark Brown).jpgFlower Hair (Dark Brown) 20 Tokens
Flower Hair (Red).jpgFlower Hair (Red) 20 Tokens
Flower Beard.jpgFlower Beard 20 Tokens

Ostara Festival Quests and Activities

The May Queen Cover.jpg

During the Ostara Festival, there are 4 new quests and 3 recurring quests that the player can do at their leisure

To know more about the quests, check out our guides by clicking the button below.

Ostara Festival Quest Walkthroughs

Ostara Festival New Features

Transmog System

Transmog System.jpg

Included in the Ostara Festival Free Update is a new feature where players will be able to change the appearance of their armor without changing the stats, A.K.A. the Transmog System.

In order to access this new feature, you only need to go to Gunnar's Blacksmith and press R1 twice while viewing his wares. Unfortunately you need to pay 50 Silver for every time you change the appearance of your weapon or armor.

Ostara Festival New Skills

In this free update, the game has added 3 more skills to the player's skill tree. The player can get these any time if they have extra skill points or mastery points.

Below are the new skills that have been added to the game.

Fearless LeaperFearless Leaper RavenRaven's Loot Loot FoodLoot Food

Ostara Festival Free Community Gift

Godly Rewards

Godly Reward.jpg

During the Osteral Festival, you can access the Animus Store and collect the Godly Reward which is available for free! When you claim this reward you will be able to get Altair's Outfit as well as other rewards listed on the table down below.

Goldy Rewards Pack Content
Altair Outfit.jpgAltair's Outfit Modraniht Ceremonial Headress.jpgModraniht Ceremonial Headress Modraniht Ceremonial Cape.jpgModraniht Ceremonial Cape
Modraniht Ceremonial Robe.jpgModraniht Ceremonial Robe Modraniht Ceremonial Bracers.jpgModraniht Ceremonial Bracers Modraniht Ceremonial Trousers.jpgModraniht Ceremonial Trousers
Modraniht Ceremonial Seax.jpgModraniht Ceremonial Seax Modraniht Ceremonial Shield.jpgModraniht Ceremonial Shield Modraniht Head Tattoo.jpgModraniht Head Tattoo
Modraniht Chest Tattoo.jpgModraniht Chest Tattoo Modraniht Back Tattoo.jpgModraniht Back Tattoo Modraniht Arms Tattoo.jpgModraniht Arms Tattoo
Yule Beech Tree.jpgYule Beech Tree Traditional Yule Garland.jpgTraditional Yule Garland Sacrificial Altar.jpgSacrificial Altar
Cozy Fire Pit.jpgCozy Fire Pit Ritual Tree Ornaments.jpgRitual Tree Ornaments

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