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This is a guide to the quest titled Without a Trace from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on to learn locations, rewards, best choices, best outcomes, as well as useful tips and strategy for completing this quest.

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- Without a Trace -

Without a Trace Location and Rewards

Basic Information

Quest Number -
Region Novigrad
Quest Location Herbalist's Hut Deadwight Wood Erde
Previous Quest -
Next Quest -


Gold Reward None
Exp Reward None
Item Reward None

How to Unlock Without a Trace

Go to Brunwich and pick up the Notice Contract: Apprentice Gone Missing! on the Notice Board.

Is Without a Trace Missable or Failable?

You cannot miss or fail this quest even if you finish all the Main Quests in the game.

Without a Trace Walkthrough

1 Talk to the Herbalist in the Herbalist's Hut just outside of Oxenfurt.
2 Go to the quest marker and investigate the clues using your Witcher Senses.
3 Investigate around the village and talk to the elderly woman.
4 Choose how to deal with the elderly couple.
5 Report back to the herbalist.

Without a Trace Choices and Best Choice

Without a Trace choice

In this quest the only choice you will get is to either spare or kill the elderly couple for committing cannibalism.

Make Them Swear

If you choose to spare them, Geralt will make them vow to never eat human flesh again. If you choose this and reveal to the herbalist that his apprentice got eaten by cannibals, he will send alghouls to kill the elderly couple when you come back after some time.

Kill the Cannibals

If you choose to kill them, you will do combat against the elderly couple. The herbalist will be happier if you choose this and reveal to him that his appretince got eaten by cannibals.

Best Choice

The best choice here is to Kill the Cannibals, after killing them you can loot them for the key to their house and get a bit more loot inside their house.

Without a Trace Tips and Strategies

Exploration Tips

Exploring the Village

Without a Trace exploration

When exploring the whole village, do not forget to check behind the eldery couple's house to discover their larder and the missing Halfling.

Combat Strategies

Elderly Couple

  • They are both humans wielding one-handed weapons, you can kill them by either rushing or counterattacking them.
  • Coat your Steel Sword with Hanged Man's Venom to deal bonus damage to them.
Humans Weaknesses and Loot

Is Without a Trace Worth It?

Without a Trace is not worth doing

We do not recommend doing this quest. The benefits that you gain from this quest are not very useful for your progression in the game. Finishing this quest will be mainly for the sake of the game's completion and to have more knowledge about the Witcher World.

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