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This is the character sheet page for Kimya in the game Final Fantasy XV (FFXV, FF15). Consider this a comprehensive list of a character's stats and skills. Read on for more information on characters like Noctis and company!

Character Profile - Kimya

Name Kimya Auburnbrie

Potion-peddling old woman living in the Malmalam Thicket. As a hunter, Kimya used to make medicines at Meldacio HQ, but she was expelled from the organization when her sister Ezma discovered she was brewing more than mere curatives.

Despite being cast out by her own flesh and blood, however, Kimya was undeterred. Rather, she embraced the Witch of the Woods moniker and adopted a more cryptic speech pattern to match.

She continues to work as an apothecary, crafting concoctions intended to improve the efficacy of the havens' protective charms.

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