Magitek Swordsman Stats and Information

This page contains information on the enemy Magitek Swordsman in the game Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for Magitek Swordsman's stats, item drops, elemental weaknesses, and other information!

Magitek Swordsman - General Information

Magitek Swordsman Basic Information

Magitek Swordsman
HP 6,100 EXP 68
Level 18 Element Fire
Type Imperial Forces Parryable? -

Magitek Swordsman Strengths/Weaknesses

Phys. Resistance Phys. Weakness Mag. Resistance Mag. Weakness
- Spear, Dagger Fire Lightning

Items Dropped

Reflex Enhancer
Magitek Booster

Spawn Location/s

Found in:
Formouth Garrison
Disc of Cauthess

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