How to Defeat Leviathan

This is a guide on defeating Leviathan in Final Fantasy XV (FFXV, FF15). This guide points out the weaknesses of Leviathan, as well as its movesets. If you're looking for a strategy to defeat this monster, this is the place to find it!

Leviathan Basic Stats and Information

Basic Stats

HP 290,000 EXP 2,486
Level 42 Element Ice
Type Bosses Parryable? -

Elemental and Physical Weaknesses

Phys. Resistance Phys. Weakness Mag. Resistance Mag. Weakness
All Weapons 1/10 Attack (10%) - All Magic 1/10 Attack (10%) -

Leviathan Movesets

This battle is confusing as it is cinematic. Leviathan will often come up from below, or from the water, leaving very little openings through which Noctis can attack initially. This sequence won't last long, however; though Leviathan can be a troublesome opponent. The Hydraean, as Leviathan is otherwise known, will also use water projectiles to attack Noctis, giving him very little breathing room, if any.

How to Beat Leviathan

This is more a cinematic battle than a strategic one. Leviathan will initially have the upper hand, keeping Noctis on the backtrack. However, further into the battle, Noctis will gain the power of the Armiger (even with an incomplete collection of Royal Arms). With this power, you will be able to endlessly use the power of the Armiger, warp at will, and gain a boost in HP. Whereas you should keep point-warping initially, this time, you can warp-attack Leviathan; alternatively, you can warp in and out to attack and avoid any water projectiles or counter-attacks.

With a tactic aimed at maximizing the powers of the Armiger, Leviathan will soon become another summon in your arsenal.

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