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This page is for The Imperial Capital, the first Quest of Chapter 13 of Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about which sidequests, bosses, and items are available in this chapter!

FFXV The Imperial Capital Walkthrough

List of Objectives
1 Continue towards finding the entrance to Zegnautus Keep, leaving the out-of-commission Regalia behind.
2 A train cabin will fall and Ignis and Gladio will get separated, leaving Noct to fend for himself alone.
3 Run all the way to the marker, avoiding Lv30 Snagas along the way.
4 With no other choice, Noct chooses to wear the Ring of the Lucii, which gives him offensive skillsets.

Tips and Strategies

This is a list of important things to do in the quest The Imperial Capital. Read on to find out which of them is crucial to proceeding.

  • The Ring of the Lucii lets Noct use skills that are essentially Holy, Banish, and Drain/Death. Use these when the situation calls for it.
  • When without the ring, use the lunge-forward skill (square button) to continue to avoid the Snagas.
  • Don't stop for anything! Without weapons, getting cornered by daemons proves fatal.

List of items


List of Items:

Superior Restorative

Boss Battles and Monsters


List of Appearing Monsters/Enemies:
Coming Soon!

Appearing Bosses

There are no boss battles in this Chapter 13 quest.

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