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This page is for Reunion and Recovery, the fourth Quest of Chapter 13 of Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about which sidequests, bosses, and items are available in this chapter!

FFXV Reunion and Recovery Walkthrough

List of Objectives
1 The search for Prompto now begins. Make your way through the control rooms to activate the jail cell door, then search through the jail cells to find a bruised Prompto.
2 The next thing you have to do is to find the device sealing Noct's power to use arms. When you find this, Noct will stab the control panel, returning the use of all his weapons.
3 Go out to battle the Lv30 Gargantuan that you just met hours before. Take care of all the Snagas first before focusing on the Gargantuan.
4 After the Gargantuan falls, a Lv32 Uttu will join the party, as well as a Lv25 Reaper. Take care of them as well.
5 In the next rooms, you're going to have to take care of Imperials, as well as Snagas and Reapers.
6 Make your way through all the rooms until you come into another room, where a Lv35 Forras waits for you along with Lv37 Alberiches.
7 The next room will have a boss, a mutated Ravus at Lv44. When you defeat him, the floor erupts in chaos as all past Keep bosses manifest. Ride the elevator alone as your party holds the enemies off.
8 Make it to the hangar in time before it closes. Take one last look before you proceed through the doors. Make your way to the crystal to take its power
9 Ride the central elevator to the crystal, then sprint toward the crystal and touch it. It will seemingly absorb Noct and Ardyn appears, goading him.
10 Noct awakens in the void, to converse with Bahamut. Afterwards, he awakens in Angelgard prison, in an apocalyptic world.
11 He finds Umbra waiting for him with a letter, which tells him to go to Hammerhead. Go to the quest marker to finally move on through the quest.

Tips and Strategies

This is a list of important things to do in the quest Reunion and Recovery. Read on to find out which of them is crucial to proceeding.

  • Noct will still have the Ring of the Lucii and the Sword of the Father in his possession. Use these whenever it feels that they're the better gear.
  • The gun is a good cheese tactic weapon to use against the Gargantuan as it can't get into the throne room due to its size.

List of items


List of Items:

Superior Restorative

Boss Battles and Monsters


List of Appearing Monsters/Enemies:
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Appearing Bosses

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