What to Do When You Run Out of Fuel

This is a guide for when the Regalia runs out of fuel in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn more about refueling and how to get unlimited fuel!

Options When Regalia Runs Out of Fuel

Regalia runs on fuel and you should always pay attention to the fuel gauge at the bottom left of the screen while driving.

In cases that you run out of fuel during a trip, there are ways to get the Regalia refueled and resume your journey.

Push the Regalia to the Nearest Station

If you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, you can choose to push the Regalia to the nearest station, just like what you did at the beginning of the game.

Have Cindy Tow It Away

Tow car

You also have the option to have Cindy tow the Regalia to Hammerhead for 100 Gil by pressing R3 then selecting Tow car.

This option can also be used when the Regalia is stuck off-road.



Once parked at a gas station, have the Regalia fully refueled for 10 Gil.

Always pay attention to the fuel gauge located at the bottom left corner of the screen while driving to avoid problems like the ones mentioned above.

How to Get Unlimited Fuel

Obtain the Magitek Generator

Magitek Generator removes the Regalia's need for fuel.

This auto part can be obtained by trading 3,600,000 medals in Totomostro.

After getting the Magitek Generator, bring the component to Hammerhead and have Cindy install it on the Regalia.

Upgrade to Regalia Type-F

Upgrading the Regalia to Type-F also removes the need for fuel while also giving it the ability to fly. This is a postgame upgrade so you must first advance to Chapter 15 for it to become available. You also need 3 specific components for Type-F.

Check out the guide below for more details in upgrading to Regalia Type-F!

How to Unlock Regalia Type-F

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