How to Get High Grades on Report Cards

This is a guide for the report cards in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn more on how to get A+ in each of the categories on report cards!

Report Card Categories

Report Card

Report cards show how well you perform in battle and how you utilize the techniques and abilities that you currently have. Certain accessories give additional AP if you manage to get an A+ on specific categories.


This shows how fast you defeated all the enemies on the battlefield. The faster you wipe out the enemies, the higher the grade that will show on Time.


The number of blindside attacks (blindside-link attacks are not counted) and parries that you have performed during the battle will determine the grade that you will get on Finesse.


Offense shows how many of the enemies that you fought are defeated. If you manage to defeat all of the enemies in the battlefield, you will surely get an A+ on this category.

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