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This page is for The Trial of Ramuh, the second Quest of Chapter 5 of Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about which side quests, bosses, and items are available in this chapter!

FFXV The Trial of Ramuh Walkthrough

List of Objectives
1 FFXV_Runestones_story walkthrough The Runestones of the Thunder Titan Ramuh is the task in this quest. Search for them and touch them.
2 FFXV_First runestone_story walkthrough The first Runestone is located fairly close by, but prepare to fight against enemies like Lv. 27 Gigantoads, Lv.16 Imperials, and Lv. 12 Voretooths.
3 FFXV_Second runestone_story walkthrough Head for the second Runestone. The Gigantoads and Voretooths are abundant between the first Runestone and the next.
4 After reaching the second Runestone, head for the third Runestone, which is located within Fociaugh Hollow.
5 FFXV_Fociaugh Hollow_story walkthrough Make sure you've leveled up sufficiently before entering the cave.
5 Imps and Thunder Bombs are among your first enemies here. Watch out for the Thunder Bombs' spread Explosion attack. Defeat them before they explode.
5 The Imp parties will begin to include Lv. 19 Mindflayers. They shouldn't pose much trouble if you've leveled up past their levels.
5 Move past narrow ledges by following the X button prompt to pass safely on them.
5 In a deeper part of the cave, you'll hear the call of someone searching for her 'baby.' This also means you're near the Tomb.
5 Make your way to come face to face with a Lv30 Naga, who's searching for her baby. Answering 'I know where' will turn her aggressive against you.
5 The Naga will also be standing between you and the entrance to the Tomb. Engage her until she reaches 1/4 of her HP, in which case she'll turn tail and run.
5 Continue onwards. The area behind her is the path toward the grove, where you can touch the last Runestone and receive the Mark of the Fulgurian.
5 Upon leaving the cave, you'll notice that the rains have stopped. On to the next quest.

Tips and Strategies

This is a list of important things to do in the quest The Trial of Ramuh. Read on to find out which of them is crucial to proceeding.

  • There are bosses who will disappear after being brought down to about a half or 1/4 of their HP. The Naga is one such enemy. Bring her HP down quickly to avoid too many casualties.
  • Lv.20 Hobgoblins are nasty, but they belong to a type of enemy with no good footing. Keeping them off their feet by knocking them down means more time for you to deal damage and end the battle quickly.
  • Imps don't have much HP but are agile enough to cause troubles. An agile gunsmith, however, could quickly thin their herd.
  • Between Imps and Lv. 21 Bombs, take out the Bombs first. Discover what weapon or element they are weak against and exploit.
  • Travels without the Regalia will offer you chances to amass EXP points quickly, so make a point to camp or rest at an Outpost more often.
  • Guns work well against the Naga, so consider using this tactic against her.

List of items

Duscae Region

List of Items:

Phoenix Down (Phoenix Tail)
Mega Phoenix
Remedy (Panacea)
Bright Duralumin
Bright Duralumin
Catoblepas Fang
Slimy Oil
Great Garula Tusk
Strong Whiskers
Ancient Dragon Tooth
Earth Gemstone
Electrolytic Condenser
Behemoth Horn
Mythril Shaft
Laser Sensor
Oracle ascension coin
Whitestone Ore
Blackstone Ore
Redstone Ore
Bluestone Ore
Greenstone Ore
Yellowstone Ore
Silver Shard
Gold Shard
Prismatic Shard
Assassin's Daggers
Power Shield
Bulletproof Suit
Amethyst Bracelet
Iron Bangle
Fencer's Anklet
Moon Pendant
Chobham Armor
Insulated Inners
Camera Strap
Imperial Medal of Honor

Boss Battles and Monsters

Duscae Region

List of Appearing Monsters/Enemies:

Iron Giant
Red Giant
Ice Bomb
Garula (Small)
Garula (Big)
Anak Calf
Anak Stag

Appearing Bosses

Lv30 Naga

  • weak against guns
  • fond of moving under the ground, springing up to attack
  • whole body can be damaged; shooting the head seems to faze her
  • when bought down to 1/4 HP, will run away

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