Best Early Game Ascension Abilities

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This page will help you decide on what Ascension abilities to unlock early game. Read on for information about the best early game ascension abilities and more!

Recommended Ascension Abilities for Early Game


Ability AP Required Description
Airslip 16 Dodge enemy attacks in midair by holding the guard button.
Ultralight Phase 32 Further reduce MP cost of phasing.
Daemon Destroyer 24 Warp-strike to break daemon appendages.
Death Drop 28 From afar, press the attack button in midair to warp into range and strike down from above.
Blink Boost 32 Recover a bit of MP by blinking through attacks at the last second.
Stalker 28 Boost blindside damage.


  • The Combat Astralsphere goes top priority as you will be in combat for most parts of the game.
  • Prioritize unlocking the nodes with lower AP cost that are under the nodes listed above.
  • Unlock Airslip and Blink (under Blink Boost) as soon as possible as they will be very helpful in dodging.


Ability AP Required Description
Aftertaste 18 Extends the effects of camp meals to the following sunrise.


  • Most of the nodes under the Exploration Astralsphere are related to gaining EXP and AP, both which becomes easy to farm mid-game.
  • Unlock Aftertaste if you camp more at havens than staying at lodgings to maximize the efficiency of the meals that Ignis makes.


Ability AP Required Description
Powercraft 20 Enhance potency by 10 when crafting spells.


  • Hold onto your elemental energy until you unlock Powercraft so you can create more powerful spells while consuming less energy.


Ability AP Required Description
Hang In 12 Increase HP recovery rate while hanging after point-warp.
Savior's Force 48 Boost an ally's attack after taking them out of danger.
Savior's Vengeance 48 Boost an ally's critical hit rate after taking them out of danger.


  • Prioritize unlocking the nodes with lower AP cost that are under the nodes listed above.
  • It is recommended to unlock Savior's Force first before Savior's Vengeance as having higher raw attack power is generally better than dealing RNG-based damage boost.


Ability AP Required Description
Acccessory Slot 16 (for each member) Grants an additional accessory slot.


  • Unlock additional accessory slots in this order: Noctis > Prompto > Gladiolus > Ignis.
  • Prompto is top priority among the other three members as he has the lowest survivability. Equip him with HP and Defense boosting accessories to lower the chances of him having to be rescued from Danger.


Ability AP Required Description
Super Link Up 32 Further boost link-strike damage.
Deathblow 16 Deliver a devastating blow to a vulnerable enemy.
Scintilla 18 Deliver a counterattack and stun enemies with a firearm.
Shock Drop 24 Electrocute an enemy with machinery when Noctis attacks it in midair.
Lancet 18 Deliver a counterattack and drain an enemy's HP with a polearm.
Venom Fang 24 Poison an enemy with daggers when Noctis chain attacks it.
Engage 18 Gain first strike by delivering a powerful greatsword slash.
Antagonize 24 Make an enemy flinch with a paralyzing kick while Noctis is defending.


  • Prioritize unlocking the nodes with lower AP cost that are under the nodes listed above.
  • Among the lowest AP costing nodes in the Teamwork Astralsphere, the most recommended to unlock first is First Shot (under Scintilla and Shock Drop) as it immediately fills up a part of the tech bar so you can use a technique early to deal more damage and gain invulnerability.


Ability AP Required Description
Gravisphere 18 Draw enemies in an area closer together with machinery by creating a gravitational field. Depletes tech bar by two.
Enhancement 18 Imbue Noctis's weapon with the element his target is weakest to. Depletes tech bar by one.
Overwhelm 18 Concentrate ally attacks on a foe with devastating Deathblow strikes. Depletes the tech bar by two.
Royal Guard 18 Move to quickly guard Noctis with a shield. Depletes tech bar by one.


  • Unlock Regroup first then Overwhelm. Overwhelm can deal tons of damage to one enemy which is very useful especially on boss battles or powerful enemies like daemons. All party members involved will also be invulnerable, like in other techniques, while executing Overwhelm so this means using Overwhelm will make the entire party invulnerable during the execution of the technique. After this, prioritize unlocking other nodes with lower AP cost that are under the nodes listed above.

Wait Mode

Ability AP Required Description
No Mercy 32 Boost damage inflicted by a scanned enemy's elemental weakness.
Presto Libra 12 Scan enemies even faster when using Libra.
Warp-Ambush 18 During Wait Mode, warp-strike an enemy not targeting Noctis to increase the likelihood of breaking its appendage.


  • There are enemies that will take a long time before being completely scanned. Presto Libra makes it faster so you can have more time on your Wait Time gauge.
  • Once you unlock No Mercy, it is recommended to scan each enemy even if they are all the same type to make it receive even more damage from its elemental weaknesses.
  • Warp-Ambush gives higher chances of breaking an appendage which lowers the enemy's attributes.


Ability AP Required Description
Armiger Harvester 24 Boost Armiger bar gain from attacks.
Armiger Warchain 24 Boost damage inflicted by Armiger Chain.
Iron Armiger 24 Reduce Armiger bar depletion.


  • Armiger Harvester and Iron Armiger both maximizes the use of the Armiger bar as it will fill up faster and drain slower with these abilities.

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