Basic Commands and Controls


This page is for the basic commands and controls in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to know about the functions of each button on foot and while riding the Regalia or a chocobo!

Basic Controls

In Combat

Control Function
Attack / Chain attack (hold)
Roll-dodge / Phase (hold)
Warp / Point-warp (hold)
L1 Techniques (hold) / Armiger activate (+ R1) / Armiger chain (+ R1 if Armiger is activated)
L2 Summon (if available)
R1 Lock on (hold) / Fixed lock on (hold + R3) / Warpstrike (hold + )
R2 Items
R3 Map
Dpad Switch weapons
Left stick Move / Sprint (+ hold, + R3 hold)
Right stick Move camera / Switch target (if locked on)
Touch pad Main menu
OPTIONS button Pause menu

Out of Combat

Control Function
Sprint (hold)
Point-warp (hold)
R1 Camera reset
R2 Call chocobo
R3 Map
Left stick Move / Sprint (+ hold, + R3 hold)
Right stick Move camera
Touch pad Main menu
OPTIONS button Pause menu / Skip cutscene


Control Function
L1 and R1 Cycle through camera angles
L2 Brake / Reverse
R2 Accelerate
Dpad Play / Pause / Change music
Left stick Steer
Right stick Move camera
Touch pad Navigator
OPTIONS button Pause menu


Control Function
Dismount (hold)
L2 Halt
R2 Trot
Left stick Move
Right stick Move camera
Touch pad Main menu
OPTIONS button Pause menu

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