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The Gutted Lamb Walkthrough | How to Beat Modron

This page is a walkthrough for The Gutted Lamb Quest in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn more about the quest objectives, stealth routes, notables, and more!

Previous Quest Next Quest
A Love Betrayed The Burning of the Wicker Man

Starting Location

The quest starts in St. Kenhelm's Church immediately after the quest: A Love Betrayed.

Quest Walkthrough

No. Objectives Guide
1 Find Modron Travel northwest towards Aelfwood and search for Modron.
Modron is located at the end of the northeastern cave.
A cutscene plays out once you arrive at Modron's location inside the cave.
You can either fight or sneak your way into Aelfwood.
Click here to see our stealth guide into Aelfwood!
2 Defeat Modron Decide Modron's fate after the boss fight.
This is a minor decision that will slightly affect the certain dialogue and cutscenes during The Burning of The Wicker Man quest.
Click here to see boss fight strategies against Modron!

Stealth Guide: Sneaking into Aelfwood

The Advanced Assassination skill is recommended for this method.
Enemy positions within the images may not reflect your own session. Adjust your path accordingly.
Start by positioning yourself above the northeastern cave's entrance
Eliminate any guards in the way or looking directly towards the cave's entrance.
Drop down once the coast is clear and enter the cave.
Move the shelf and proceed deeper into the cave.
Hop across towards the next area.
Get to the other end of the room via the left side.
Deal with any guards in your way.
Modron's location is at the end of the narrow crack across the final room.
Deal with the guards in the way and enter the narrow crack.

Boss Strategies: How to Beat Modron

The Gutted Lamb - Modron boss fight banner.png

  • Modron opens the fight from range and will constantly shoot you with arrows. Always make sure you are amply covered from her shots as you chase her down.
  • Modron will constantly try to put distance between you and her. Be mindful of oil jars and other hazards while chasing her down.
  • Abilities such as Focus of The Nornir and Harpoon Impalement are extremely useful in this boss fight. Use them to your advantage!
  • Shoot the weak spot on Modron's back when she flees. This will give you enough time to catch up to her in most scenarios.
  • Her second weak spot is located on her left foot and can be easily shot with an arrow.
  • Modron occasionally coats her arrows with Poison Powder Traps. Always stay away from the poison cloud as getting caught within it deals massive poison damage.
  • Modron will sometimes use her spear once you are within melee range. Be mindful of her extremely quick attack combinations.
  • Modron occassionally lights the tip of her spear on fire and deal burn damage to you when attacks connect.
  • Shoot oil jars in case Modron positions beside any to deal massive burn damage to her.

Kill or Spare Modron?

The Gutted Lamb - Kill or Spare Modron.png

WARNING: This section contains spoilers. Read on if you do NOT mind spoilers.

This is a minor decision that only affects the final cutscene of The Burning of The Wicker Man quest later on.

Tewdwr will be ealdorman regardless of your choice and ultimately boils down to which one resonates with you more after considering all that has happened so far in the story arc.

It is important to note that Gwynedd, Cynon and Modron's daughter, will oversee the Wicker Man ritual at Glowecestre if you decide to kill Modron.

Gwynedd will warn you of fate's punishment for killing her mother later on but this does not affect the events of Assassin's Creed Valhalla's story in any way.

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