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Lunastra Beta Armor Set Stats and Skills

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This page contains information about the Lunastra Beta Armor Set in the game Monster Hunter World (MHW). Read on to learn more about the stats, skills, deco slots of the Lunastra Beta Armor Set and more!

Lunastra Beta Armor Set Appearance

Male Appearance Female Appearance
Gender Both Rarity 8

Lunastra Beta Armor Set Defense and Elemental Resistances

Defense Rating

Armor Piece Min Def Max Def
Empress Crown Beta 70 90
Empress Mail Beta 70 90
Empress Vambraces Beta 70 90
Empress Coil Beta 70 90
Empress Greaves Beta 70 90

Elemental Resistances

Armor Piece Fire Symbol (MHW).png Water Symbol (MHW).png Thunder Element (MHW).png Ice Element (MHW).png Dragon Element (MHW).png
Empress Crown Beta 3 1 1 -3 -2
Empress Mail Beta 3 1 1 -3 -2
Empress Vambraces Beta 3 1 1 -3 -2
Empress Coil Beta 3 1 1 -3 -2
Empress Greaves Beta 3 1 1 -3 -2

Lunastra Beta Armor Set Skills and Slots

Amor Skills and Deco Slots

Armor Piece Skills Slots
Empress Crown Beta Evade Extender Lv. 2 ③②ー
Empress Mail Beta Peak Performance Lv. 2 ①①①
Empress Vambraces Beta Wide-Range Lv. 2 ③②ー
Empress Coil Beta Tool Specialist Lv. 2 ②②ー
Empress Greaves Beta Health Boost Lv. 2 ②②ー

Set Bonuses

Lunastra Favor
2 Armor Pieces Stamina Cap Up
Increases stamina cap.
4 Armor Pieces Mind's Eye / Ballistics
Prevents attacks from being deflected. Also shortens the distance before ammo and arrows reach maximum power.

Lunastra Beta Armor Set Crafting & Augment Materials

Required Crafting Materials

Armor Piece Monster Material
Empress Crown Beta Lunastra Wing x2
Lunastra Scale+ x
Lunastra Carapace x
Elder Dragon Bone x
Empress Mail Beta Lunastra Horn x2
Lunastra Scale+ x
Lunastra Mane x
Lunastra Gem x
Empress Vambraces Beta Lunastra Tail x2
Lunastra Horn x1
Lunastra Carapace x
Firecell Stone x
Empress Coil Beta Lunastra Scale+ x
Lunastra Carapace x
Lunastra Mane x
Novacrystal x
Empress Greaves Beta Lunastra Wing x3
Lunastra Tail x1
Teostra Carapace x
Elder Dragon Blood x

Required Augment Materials

Gleaming Streamstone x 1
Elder Dragon Bone x 2

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