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Novacrystal - Where to Find and How to Use

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This page has everything you need to know about Novacrystal from Monster Hunter World (MHW). If you want to know where to find and how to use this item, check out the information below!

Novacrystal - Basic Information

Name Novacrystal
Type Mineral Material
Effect High quality Lightcrystal. Highly coveted for its rarity, it's used for only the finest of metalworking.
Buy Price  - Sell Price  -

List of All Items and Materials

Novacrystal - Where to Find

High Rank Quest Rewards via Monster

Quest Rewards

Monster Obtain Rate (%)
Kirin 9

Investigation Rewards (Silver)

Monster Obtain Rate (%)
Kirin 18

Found in the Field

Ancient Forest ImageAncient Forest Low Rank Not found
High Rank 2 3 9 10 11 14 16
Master Rank Not found
Wildspire Waste ImageWildspire Waste Low Rank Not found
High Rank 3 5 6 7 8 10 11 13 14
Master Rank 5 6 7 8 11
Coral Highlands ImageCoral Highlands Low Rank Not found
High Rank 8 9 10 11 12 14 15
Master Rank Not found
Rotten Vale ImageRotten Vale Low Rank Not found
High Rank 4 8 11 12 14 15 16
Master Rank Not found
ElderElder's Recess Low Rank Not found
High Rank 9 8 3 13
Master Rank Not found

Quest Rewards via Quest

Main Reward

Quest Location/Monster
★7 A Cherry Wind upon the Reefs Coral Highlands
Pink Rathian
★7 Pretty in Pink Wildspire Waste
Pink Rathian
★7 Legiana: Highlands Royalty Coral Highlands
★7 Well, That Diablos! Wildspire Waste
★7 Two-horned Hostility Wildspire Waste
Black Diablos
★7 A Sore Site Coral Highlands
M★1 Desert Desserts Wildspire Waste

Quest Rewards

Quest Appearance Rate
★7 Wildspire Bolero 5
★7 Coral Waltz 7
★6 Wiggle Me This -
★7 Old World Monster In The New World (×1)

If you've found any locations where Novacrystal is available, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Novacrystal - How to Use

Item Upgrades

Weapon Upgrade Paths

Azure Star "Dragon Dance" (1x) Babel Spear (1x)
Cocytus (6x) Cross Bowgun (1x)
Cross Hunter's Bow (1x) Dark Ripper II (1x)
Dark Scimitar II (3x) Dark Stinger I (1x)
Dark Stinger II (1x) Fire and Ice (2x)
Frozen Core+ (3x) Glutton Gunlance III (1x)
Gluttonous Fangcannon (1x) Holy Sabers (2x)
Jagras Escudo III (1x) Jagras Fire ⅠⅠⅠ (1x)
Jagras Garrote III (1x) Jagras Hacker III (1x)
Jail Hammer (1x) King Thundersword (2x)
Kirin Thunderpeal (2x) Lumu Barone II (1x)
Lumu Smasher II (1x) Lumu Tabar II (1x)
Lumu Typhon ⅠⅠ (1x) Monarch (2x)
Mythical Three-Horn (2x) Queen Vespoid Horn (2x)
Quickquiver (2x) Supremacy Blade (1x)
Thunderbolt Horn II (2x) Thunderbolt Sword I (2x)
Thunderpiercer (2x) Verdant Levin (2x)
Wyvern Jawblade (1x) Zireael (2x)

Weapon Types and List of Weapons

Equipment Upgrade Paths

Damascus Greaves Alpha (1x) Damascus Greaves Beta (1x)
Damascus Helm Alpha (1x) Damascus Helm Beta (1x)
Damascus Vambraces Alpha (1x) Damascus Vambraces Beta (1x)
Death Stench Grip Alpha (1x) Death Stench Grip Beta (1x)
Death Stench Heels Alpha (1x) Death Stench Heels Beta (1x)
Diablos Nero Helm Alpha (1x) Diablos Nero Helm Beta (1x)
Drachen Coil Alpha (2x) Empress Coil Alpha (1x)
Empress Coil Beta (x) Hornetaur Greaves Alpha (1x)
Hornetaur Greaves Beta (1x) Kirin Hoop Alpha (1x)
Kirin Hoop Beta (1x) Kirin Leg Guards Gamma (1x)
Kirin Longarms Gamma (1x) Legiana Vambraces Alpha (1x)
Legiana Vambraces Beta (1x) Mosswine Mask Alpha (1x)
Nergigante Coil Alpha (1x) Nergigante Coil Beta (1x)
Rath Heart Mail Alpha (1x) Rath Heart Mail Beta (1x)
Shadow Shades Alpha (1x) Strategist Spectacles Alpha (2x)

List of Armor and Armor Skills

Charm Upgrade Paths

Artillery Charm II (1x) Attack Charm II (1x)
Awakening Charm II (1x) Blast Charm II (1x)
Bleed Charm II (1x) Blight Charm II (1x)
Bombardier Charm II (1x) Botany Charm III (1x)
Challenger Charm I (1x) Defense Charm II (1x)
Earplugs Charm II (1x) Exploiter Charm I (1x)
Extension Charm II (1x) Friendship Charm II (1x)
Geology Charm III (1x) Glutton's Charm II (1x)
Invigorate Charm I (1x) Ironside Charm II (1x)
Miasma Charm I (1x) Mighty Charm I (1x)
Mighty Charm II (1x) Mushroom Charm I (1x)
Mushroom Charm II (1x) Power Charm I (1x)
Recovery Charm II (1x) Sheath Charm II (1x)
Special Shot Charm II (1x) Speed Heal Charm II (1x)
Stun Charm II (1x) Tremor Charm II (1x)
Unscathed Charm I (1x) Whetstone Charm II (1x)
Windproof Charm III (1x)

List of Charms

Palico Weapons & Armor Upgrade Paths

Felyne Star Head Alpha (1x) Felyne Star Mic Stand α (1x)
Felyne Starstuck Suit Alpha (1x)

Palico Equipment

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