When to Use Royal Arms

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This is a guide for using the Royal Arms in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to know when is the ideal time to use them and more!

What are Royal Arms

Royal Arms are some of the best weapons in the entire game. They can only be equipped by Noctis and all 13 are obtained on storyline quests while some are on optional dungeons.

Pros and Cons of Using Royal Arms

Stat Boost

Equipping one of the Royal Arms on a weapon slot grant you their stats even if you do not use/wield them. Utilize this especially if you found one that gives a really decent stata boost.

Take note that some of them gives debuffs like lowering your stats so be cautious when equipping them.

HP Drain

Landing a hit with the Royal Arms drains your HP by a flat amount. This means you can enter a Danger state when using them if you are not careful.

Certain Royal Arms drain more HP than the others. Using warp-strikes with the Royal Arms drain larger HP than just swinging it, especially the Axe of the Conqueror.

When to Use Royal Arms

Use Royal Arms when fighting against formidable foes and when you already have a huge health pool.

However, it is more recommended to boost your HP regeneration rate than increasing your maximum HP. One notable regeneration boosting accessory is Gladiolus's Megaphone which boosts the whole team's regeneration.

Even with high regeneration rate, max HP, or both, you should still remember that Royal Arms drain HP per hit and drain even more when using warp-strikes.

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