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This is a guide on how to get the legendary weapon Mjolnir in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to find out how you can claim this powerful tool!

Mjolnir Location

Once you have collected all the pieces of Thor's Armor and have finished the main quest, you must travel to Hordafylke to claim Mjolnir.

ACV - Mjolnir Map.pngEnlarge ACV - Mjolnir Loc.pngEnlarge
Guide: Mjolnir can be found embedded into a rock in Hordafylke. The rock itself is inside of a mountain pass near the northeastern most area of Hordafylke.
Region Hordafylke
Location Near Goinnhellir

Thor's Armor Pieces

ACV - Thor

Finish the Main Story

You must finish all the quests involved with the main story of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

Quest Walkthroughs

Daughters of Lerion

You must find and defeat the three Daughters of Lerion that populate the map. Defeating the three will grant you the three pieces of Thor's armor.


Goneril Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Goneril Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: Interact with the bound corpse inside of the ritual circle. Prepare for a fight.


Regan Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Regan Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: Interact with the dead body inside of the ritual circle. Prepare for a fight.


Cordelia Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Cordelia Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: Interact with the bound corpse inside of the ritual circle. Prepare for a fight.

Thor's Helmet

After successfully defeating the three Daughters of Lerion, you will have to find an underground location in East Anglia to retrieve Thor's Helmet.

ACV - ThorEnlarge ACV - ThorEnlarge
Guide: The area to get to Thor's helmet is southeast of Northwic. There, you'll find a small building to the side of the Church, inside of small graveyard.
Region East Anglia
Location Abandoned Church
ACV - Thor Hall.pngEnlarge Progress through the tunnels until you reach a hallway that branches into two directions.
ACV - Thor Statue.pngEnlarge Take the path on the right, and you'll see a statue with horns.
ACV - Thor Statue Stab.pngEnlarge Interact with the statue three times to stab a dagger from the Daughters of Lerion into it.
ACV - Thor New Hall.pngEnlarge The statue will shatter; head into the new hole.
ACV - Thor Helmet Altar.pngEnlarge Take the helm from the chest.

Thor's Cloak

ACV - Complete Order of the Ancients.png

The last piece to Thor's full set of armor is his cloak. You must assassinate all of the Order of the Ancients for Hytham to give the cloak to you.

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