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This is a guide on how to get the legendary weapon Excalibur in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to find out how you can claim this powerful tool!

Excalibur Location

ACV - Excalibur Top.png

Excalibur is hidden away in a lonely corner of the world. Once you have collected all 11 of the Treasures of Britain, you can go ahead and locate Excalibur for you to claim.

Myrddin's Cave

ACV - Myrddin Cave Map.pngEnlarge ACV - Myrddin Cave Loc.pngEnlarge
Guide: The cave can be found slightly northwest of Stonehenge, and far west of Readingnum Abbey. Its entrance is slightly west of the marker, on the face of a cliff facing a pond.
Region Hamtunscire
Location Myrddin's Cave
ACV - Myrddin Cavern.pngEnlarge You'll come across two paths inside. Take the path to the right and keep going until you come up to a large cavern with boxy rocks on the ceiling.
ACV - Excalibur LOF.pngEnlarge Perform a leap of faith into the darkness below.

Swim through a large door and surface into large cavern.
ACV - Excalibur Pillars.pngEnlarge Keep going until you reach a cavern with large pillars arranged in a circle.

Interact with each pillar and place all 11 Treasures of Britain on them.

How to Get Excalibur?

Unlike Gungnir and Mjolnir, you only need to collect 11 items across England called Treasures of Britain to unlock Excalibur. These are spread out all over the world map; eight in caves, and three carried by zealots you have to fight.



Wocig Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Wocig Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: Reach the very end of the cave; use the cave's walls to be able to climb up and above the salagmites/stalactites.

Red Lichen Cavern

Red Lichen Cavern Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Red Lichen Cavern Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: Reach the end of the cavern, and light up the gasses surrounding the treasure to claim it.


Deoraby Spar Cavern

Deoraby Spar Cavern Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Deoraby Spar Cavern Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: Traverse the cave and reach the very end to get the treasure.


Wiccan's Cave

WiccanEnlarge Map View WiccanEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: Enter the ice cave and traverse it until you come across a breakable wall of ice you can shoot with an arrow. Go through and go right; shoot the oil lamp through the grate, go to the other side, and shoot the lock on the door. Grab the treasure.

East Anglia

Grime's Graves

GrimeEnlarge Map View GrimeEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: Nestled beneath a mine, the path is pretty straightforward. Once you pass a banner you usually encounter in bandit camps, use your Odin's Sight to see the artifact sitting on the table near the movable block.


Santlache Mine

Santlache Mine Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Santlache Mine Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: Travel to the very end of the Santlache Mine where you'll encounter a cavern filled with water. Swim underwater and reach the far end of another cavern where you'll find the treasure.


Old Cellar

Old Cellar Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Old Cellar Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: There is a cave south of the Ealdorman's House; reach the end of it to get to a wine cellar. Break the nozzles of each barrel of wine and collect the item from grate in the middle of the room that fills up.


Cavern of Trials

Cavern of Trials Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Cavern of Trials Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
Guide: The cavern you can find the treasure in is pretty long and confusing. You must collect three different keys to unlock several doors in the lower most level of the cavern. The treasure will be waiting for you on a rock next to the cavern's exit door.



ACV - Hrothgar Map.pngEnlarge ACV - Hrothgar Loc.pngEnlarge
Guide: In Suthsexe, along the roads in the forest southeast of Crawleah.


ACV - Heike Map.pngEnlarge ACV - Heike Loc.pngEnlarge
Guide: Just south of the Synchronization Point 'Agnitum Tower' in Essexe.


ACV - Woden Map.pngEnlarge ACV - Woden Loc.pngEnlarge
Guide: Woden can be found in Cent, slightly along the main roads south of Beamasfield.

Note: Zealots tend to move around along roads. The markers shown on the maps are only an approximation of where they may be.

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