Bull's Eye Bill 5-Wood Club Overview and Shop Location | Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch)

Check here for info on Bull's Eye Bill 5-Wood, a Club found in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. For a description on this item, including where you can purchase it from and for how much, read on!

Bull's Eye Bill 5-Wood Overview and Shop Location

Bull's Eye Bill 5-Wood
Hits wind-resistant shots that are very hard to control.
Shop Location and Price
Price: Currency 1500

Available in Balmy Dunes shop

Makes Ball Trajectory More Unpredictable

Bull's Eye Bill 5-Wood offers a full resistance to the effects of wind, but makes the ball's trajectory even harder to control. This club isn't recommended, for it's better to have good ball control while susceptible to wind effects, because the direction of wind is visible on the top left of your screen, while ball accuracy is increasingly random as you go higher up the shot gauge.

Weather Conditions and Effects

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