Stamina Attire Outfit Overview and Shop Location | Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch)

Check here for info on Stamina Attire, a Outfit found in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. For a description on this item, including where you can purchase it from and for how much, read on!

Stamina Attire Overview and Shop Location

Stamina Attire
Stamina Attire icon
Reduces stamina burn when dashing.
Shop Location and Price
Price: Currency 800

Available in Bonny Greens shop

Reduces Stamina Consumption While Dashing Regularly

Stamina Attire reduces the amount of stamina you consume while dashing regularly. Dash regularly by holding down B. Pressing L will cause your Mii character to perform a Special Dash, which costs a large amount of Stamina. Your Stamina bar (the green bar next to the ♡) replenishes itself while you're not dashing.

Mii Character Special Dash

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