Piranha Plant Approach Wedge Club Overview and Shop Location | Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch)

Check here for info on Piranha Plant Approach Wedge, a Club found in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. For a description on this item, including where you can purchase it from and for how much, read on!

Piranha Plant Approach Wedge Overview and Shop Location

Piranha Plant Approach Wedge
Piranha Plant Approach Wedge icon
Makes it easier to control shots out of deep rough and mud.
Shop Location and Price
Price: Currency 800

Available in Ridgerock Lake shop

Used for Controlled Approach From Deep Rough

Mud is present in the Deep Rough of Wildweather Woods. Shots made from the Deep Rough have a significantly increased Risk Zone, making shots very difficult to control. Piranha Plant Approach Wedge offers more control when making an approach out of the Deep Rough.

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