Lightning 6 Hybrid Club Overview and Shop Location | Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch)

Check here for info on Lightning 6 Hybrid, a Club found in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. For a description on this item, including where you can purchase it from and for how much, read on!

Lightning 6 Hybrid Overview and Shop Location

Lightning 6 Hybrid
Lightning 6 Hybrid icon
Prevents being shocked by lightning.
Shop Location and Price
Price: Currency 600

Available in Wildweather Woods shop

Grants Immunity to Lightning Hazard

In Wildweather Woods, landing under thunderclouds makes the upper segment of your power gauge fill with electricity. If you set the power in that range, you will be struck by lightning and lose coins as well as a bit of time. Additionally your shot gauge will become filled with static, making it difficult to read when you're setting the shot power. Lightning 6 Hybrid prevents you from being shocked by lightning and from its consequences.

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