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List of All Items

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Breath of the Wild Materials and Ingredients

A list of all items found in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW), such as materials, ingredients, creatures, ores, and food. Learn where to find each type of item!

List of All Items

Materials and Ingredients

These items are found throughout all of Hyrule. They are mostly plants and vegetables, but you can also find items sold at the shop, like Fresh Milk and Cane Sugar, in this category.

BotW Courser Bee HoneyCourser Bee Honey BotW Silent PrincessSilent Princess BotW Blue NightshadeBlue Nightshade BotW ArmoranthArmoranth BotW Mighty ThistleMighty Thistle
BotW Swift VioletSwift Violet BotW Fortified PumpkinFortified Pumpkin BotW Endura CarrotEndura Carrot BotW Swift CarrotSwift Carrot BotW Electric SafflinaElectric Safflina
BotW Warm SafflinaWarm Safflina BotW Cool SafflinaCool Safflina BotW Big Hearty RadishBig Hearty Radish BotW Hearty RadishHearty Radish BotW Hyrule HerbHyrule Herb
BotW Silent ShroomSilent Shroom BotW IronshroomIronshroom BotW RazorshroomRazorshroom BotW RushroomRushroom BotW ZapshroomZapshroom
BotW SunshroomSunshroom BotW ChillshroomChillshroom BotW Big Hearty TruffleBig Hearty Truffle BotW Hearty TruffleHearty Truffle BotW Stamella ShroomStamella Shroom
BotW Endura ShroomEndura Shroom BotW Hylian ShroomHylian Shroom BotW Mighty BananasMighty Bananas BotW Fleet-Lotus SeedsFleet-Lotus Seeds BotW VoltfruitVoltfruit
BotW Spicy PepperSpicy Pepper BotW HydromelonHydromelon BotW Hearty DurianHearty Durian BotW WildberryWildberry BotW Palm FruitPalm Fruit
BotW AppleApple BotW FlintFlint BotW Fresh MilkFresh Milk BotW Goat ButterGoat Butter BotW Goron SpiceGoron Spice
BotW Hylian RiceHylian Rice BotW Monster ExtractMonster Extract BotW Raw Bird DrumstickRaw Bird Drumstick BotW Raw Bird ThighRaw Bird Thigh BotW Raw Gourmet MeatRaw Gourmet Meat
BotW Raw MeatRaw Meat BotW Raw Prime MeatRaw Prime Meat BotW Raw Whole BirdRaw Whole Bird BotW Rock SaltRock Salt BotW Tabantha WheatTabantha Wheat
BotW WoodWood BotW AcornAcorn BotW Bird EggBird Egg BotW Cane SugarCane Sugar BotW Chickaloo Tree NutChickaloo Tree Nut

List of Materials

Creature Ingredients

Some creatures are small enough that they can go straight in the cooking pot, such as fish, bugs and other critters. Here you can see a list of all of them and where to find them.

BotW Fireproof LizardFireproof Lizard BotW Hearty LizardHearty Lizard BotW Hightail LizardHightail Lizard BotW Tireless FrogTireless Frog BotW Hot-Footed FrogHot-Footed Frog
BotW Sunset FireflySunset Firefly BotW Energetic Rhino BeetleEnergetic Rhino Beetle BotW Rugged Rhino BeetleRugged Rhino Beetle BotW Bladed Rhino BeetleBladed Rhino Beetle BotW Restless CricketRestless Cricket
BotW Electric DarnerElectric Darner BotW Warm DarnerWarm Darner BotW Cold DarnerCold Darner BotW Smotherwing ButterflySmotherwing Butterfly BotW Thunderwing ButterflyThunderwing Butterfly
BotW Summerwing ButterflySummerwing Butterfly BotW Winterwing ButterflyWinterwing Butterfly BotW FairyFairy BotW Bright-Eyed CrabBright-Eyed Crab BotW Ironshell CrabIronshell Crab
BotW Razorclaw CrabRazorclaw Crab BotW Hearty Blueshell SnailHearty Blueshell Snail BotW Sneaky River SnailSneaky River Snail BotW Armored PorgyArmored Porgy BotW Mighty PorgyMighty Porgy
BotW Sanke CarpSanke Carp BotW Armored CarpArmored Carp BotW Mighty CarpMighty Carp BotW Stealthfin TroutStealthfin Trout BotW Voltfin TroutVoltfin Trout
BotW Sizzlefin TroutSizzlefin Trout BotW Chillfin TroutChillfin Trout BotW Hearty SalmonHearty Salmon BotW Staminoka BassStaminoka Bass BotW Hearty BassHearty Bass
BotW Hyrule BassHyrule Bass

List of Creature Items

Ores and Gems

Gem stones, ores and minerals can be found in ore deposits around the world. The most valuble gems can only be found from Rare Ore Deposits

BotW Luminous StoneLuminous Stone BotW OpalOpal BotW RubyRuby BotW SapphireSapphire BotW Star FragmentStar Fragment
BotW TopazTopaz BotW AmberAmber BotW DiamondDiamond

List of Ores, Gems and Minerals

Monster Drops

As the name suggests, these items can be found by defeating the monsters you come across in Hyrule. Some can only be gotten from tough enemies, so be prepared!

BotW FaroshFarosh's Claw BotW FaroshFarosh's Scale BotW Fire Keese WingFire Keese Wing BotW Giant Ancient CoreGiant Ancient Core BotW Hinox GutsHinox Guts
BotW Hinox ToenailHinox Toenail BotW Hinox ToothHinox Tooth BotW Ice Keese WingIce Keese Wing BotW Icy Lizalfos TailIcy Lizalfos Tail BotW Keese EyeballKeese Eyeball
BotW Keese WingKeese Wing BotW Lizalfos HornLizalfos Horn BotW Lizalfos TailLizalfos Tail BotW Lizalfos TalonLizalfos Talon BotW Lynel GutsLynel Guts
BotW Lynel HoofLynel Hoof BotW Lynel HornLynel Horn BotW Moblin FangMoblin Fang BotW Moblin GutsMoblin Guts BotW Moblin HornMoblin Horn
BotW Molduga FinMolduga Fin BotW Molduga GutsMolduga Guts BotW NaydraNaydra's Claw BotW NaydraNaydra's Scale BotW Octo BalloonOcto Balloon
BotW Octorok EyeballOctorok Eyeball BotW Octorok TentacleOctorok Tentacle BotW Red Chuchu JellyRed Chuchu Jelly BotW Red Lizalfos TailRed Lizalfos Tail BotW Shard of DinraalShard of Dinraal's Fang
BotW Shard of DinraalShard of Dinraal's Horn BotW Shard of FaroshShard of Farosh's Fang BotW Shard of FaroshShard of Farosh's Horn BotW Shard of NaydraShard of Naydra's Fang BotW Shard of NaydraShard of Naydra's Horn
BotW White Chuchu JellyWhite Chuchu Jelly BotW Yellow Chuchu JellyYellow Chuchu Jelly BotW Yellow Lizalfos TailYellow Lizalfos Tail BotW Ancient CoreAncient Core BotW Ancient GearAncient Gear
BotW Ancient ScrewAncient Screw BotW Ancient ShaftAncient Shaft BotW Ancient SpringAncient Spring BotW Bokoblin FangBokoblin Fang BotW Bokoblin GutsBokoblin Guts
BotW Bokoblin HornBokoblin Horn BotW Chuchu JellyChuchu Jelly BotW DinraalDinraal's Claw BotW DinraalDinraal's Scale BotW Electric Keese WingElectric Keese Wing

List of Monster Spoils


Once you have a good supply of all the materials above, it's time to get cooking! Food and elixirs can give you great boosts and help you through your adventures, and they also double the selling price of the ingredients used, so it's definitely worth your time.


Apple Pie Carrot Cake Carrot Stew Clam Chowder Copious Fish Skewers
Copious Fried Wild Greens Copious Meat Skewers Copious Mushroom Skewers Copious Simmered Fruit Crab Omelet with Rice
Crab Risotto Crab Stir-Fry Cream of Mushroom Soup Cream of Vegetable Soup Creamy Heart Soup
Creamy Meat Soup Creamy Seafood Soup Curry Pilaf Curry Rice Dubious Food
Egg Pudding Egg Tart Fish and Mushroom Skewer Fish Pie Fish Skewer
Fragrant Mushroom Saute Fried Bananas Fried Egg and Rice Fried Wild Greens Fruit and Mushroom Mix
Fruit Pie Fruitcake Glazed Meat Glazed Mushrooms Glazed Seafood
Glazed Veggies Gourmet Meat and Rice Bowl Gourmet Meat and Seafood Fry Gourmet Meat Curry Gourmet Meat Stew
Gourmet Poultry Curry Gourmet Poultry Pilaf Gourmet Spiced Meat Skewer Herb Saute Honey Candy
Honey Crepe Honeyed Apple Honeyed Fruits Hot Buttered Apple Meat and Mushroom Skewer
Meat and Rice Bowl Meat and Seafood Fry Meat Curry Meat Pie Meat Skewer
Meat Stew Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin Meaty Rice Balls Milk Monster Cake
Monster Curry Monster Rice Balls Monster Soup Monster Stew Mushroom Omelet
Mushroom Rice Balls Mushroom Risotto Mushroom Skewer Nutcake Omelet
Pepper Seafood Pepper Steak Plain Crepe Porgy Meuniere Poultry Curry
Poultry Pilaf Prime Meat and Rice Bowl Prime Meat and Seafood Fry Prime Meat Curry Prime Meat Stew
Prime Poultry Curry Prime Poultry Pilaf Prime Spiced Meat Skewer Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Stew
Rock-Hard Food Salmon Meuniere Salmon Risotto Salt-Grilled Crab Salt-Grilled Fish
Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat Salt-Grilled Greens Salt-Grilled Meat Salt-Grilled Mushrooms Salt-Grilled Prime Meat
Sauteed Nuts Sauteed Peppers Seafood Curry Seafood Fried Rice Seafood Meuniere
Seafood Paella Seafood Rice Balls Seafood Skewer Simmered Fruit Spiced Meat Skewer
Steamed Fish Steamed Fruit Steamed Meat Steamed Mushrooms Vegetable Curry
Vegetable Omelet Vegetable Risotto Veggie Cream Soup Veggie Rice Balls Wheat Bread
Wildberry Crepe


Hard-Boiled Egg Baked Apple Baked Fortified Pumpkin Baked Palm Fruit Blackened Crab
Blueshell Escargot Campfire Egg Charred Pepper Roasted Acorn Roasted Armoranth
Roasted Bass Roasted Big Radish Roasted Bird Drumstick Roasted Bird Thigh Roasted Carp
Roasted Endura Carrot Roasted Hearty Bass Roasted Hearty Durian Roasted Hearty Salmon Roasted Hydromelon
Roasted Lotus Seeds Roasted Mighty Bananas Roasted Mighty Thistle Roasted Porgy Roasted Radish
Roasted Swift Carrot Roasted Tree Nut Roasted Trout Roasted Voltfruit Roasted Whole Bird
Roasted Wildberry Seared Gourmet Steak Seared Prime Steak Seared Steak Sneaky River Escargot
Toasted Big Hearty Truffle Toasted Hearty Truffle Toasty Chillshroom Toasty Endura Shroom Toasty Hylian Shroom
Toasty Ironshroom Toasty Razorshroom Toasty Rushroom Toasty Silent Shroom Toasty Stamella Shroom
Toasty Sunshroom Toasty Zapshroom


Frozen Bass Frozen Bird Drumstick Frozen Bird Thigh Frozen Carp Frozen Crab
Frozen Hearty Bass Frozen Hearty Salmon Frozen Porgy Frozen River Snail Frozen Trout
Frozen Whole Bird Icy Gourmet Meat Icy Hearty Blueshell Snail Icy Meat Icy Prime Meat

List of Food


Elixirs, like food, can provide various buffs, such as extra hearts, stamina, heat/cold resistance, and more! Very useful if you do not have certain armors that would normally grant you said bonuses.

Fairy Tonic Chilly Elixir Electro Elixir Enduring Elixir Energizing Elixir
Fireproof Elixir Hasty Elixir Hearty Elixir Mighty Elixir Spicy Elixir
Tough Elixir Sneaky Elixir

List of Elixirs | How to Make Elixirs (Stamina Potions)

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