Where to Farm Ancient Gears: Locations and Prices | Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

This is a guide to farming Ancient Gears, a material in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn where to get Ancient Gears, its buy and sell prices, as well as what you can do with it.

Ancient Gear General Info

Ancient Gear
Ancient Gear Image
Item Type Spoils
A gear used in ancient machinery. Despite being incredibly old, its build quality is leaps and bounds above anything built using current technology.

Ancient Gear Buy Prices

Buy Price 120

Where to Farm Ancient Gears

Ancient Gear Locations and Sources

Monster Drop
Dropped By
Guardian Scout IV Decayed Guardian Sentry Guardian Turret
Guardian Skywatcher Guardian Stalker

Look for Guardian Stalker Ruins

Guardian Ruins

Search the Guardian Stalker Ruins and you may get an Ancient Gear. You may find these Ruins throughout Hyrule Field but you can farm them in certain locations. Read on to find out where these locations are.

Temple of Time

Temple of Time

From the Shrine of Resurrection, walk along the path to the Temple of Time where Guardian Stalker Ruins can be found surrounding it.

Fort Hateno

Fort Hateno

From Kakariko Village, travel down the mountain, then cross the Kakariko Bridge. From the bridge, turn left and continue onward until you find yourself in the middle of a sea of Guardian Stalker Ruins. Watch out for the Decayed Guardian; they look like normal Guardian Stalker Ruins, but they will come to life if you get too close to them.

Teli's Shop


Once you enter Fort Hateno, you'll find a merchant named Teli wandering along the path. Talk to him and he'll sell you Ancient Gear for 120 Rupees.

Drops from the Ancient Enemies

Ancient Gears can be farmed through drops from certain Ancient Enemies in the overworld. Read on to find out which enemies these are and their locations.

Enemies Location
Guardian Scout II - AxeGuardian Scout II Ancient Shrines - Minor Test of Strength
Guardian Scout IIIGuardian Scout III Ancient Shrines - Moderate Test of Strength
Guardian Scout IVGuardian Scout IV Ancient Shrines - Major Test of Strength
Decayed GuardianDecayed Guardian

Guardian StalkerGuardian Stalkers
Guardian SkywatcherGuardian Skywatchers
Skull Icon - Decayed Guardian
Star Icon - Guardian Stalkers
Bow Icon - Guardian Skywatchers

What To Do With Ancient Gears

Sell for Rupees

Ancient Gear can be sold for 30 Rupees. However, we recommend looking into other uses instead.

Item Sell Price
Ancient Gear 30

Use It for Cooking

Ancient Gear can be used to whip up the following recipes and elixirs.

There are no entries for this item.

Use It for Armor Upgrades

Ancient Gear can be used to upgrade the following armor through Great Fairies.

Ancient Cuirass Ancient Greaves Ancient Helm

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