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How to Get More Ancient Arrows | Arrow Farming Guide

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This is a guide to easily getting more Ancient Arrows in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn the best way to farm Ancient Arrows, as well as other information including buy prices and locations.

Ancient Arrows General Info

Ancient Arrow Smallest BoxAncient Arrows are the most powerful arrows available in the game. They are also among the rarest and are often found in certain treasure chests within Hyrule Castle.

Made using Ancient Sheikah Technology, these arrows are said to be designed specifically to defeat Guardians. Hitting a Guardian Stalker directly on its eye causes the machine to instantly vanish.

How to Get Ancient Arrows

Where to Buy Ancient Arrows
Cherry (Akalla Ancient Tech Lab)

You can purchase Ancient Arrows from Cherry at the Akalla Ancient Tech Lab. One arrow requires 2 Ancient Screws, 1 Ancient Shaft, and 1 Arrow, in addition to 90 Rupees.

You can also purchase Ancient Arrows in bulks of 3 or 5.

Single Arrow

Ancient Arrow Single Purchase

Ancient Arrow Cost and Materials
Rupees (×90)
Ancient Screw IconAncient Screw (×2)
Ancient Shaft IconAncient Shaft (×1)
Arrow (×1)

Ancient Arrow (x3)

Ancient Arrow x 3 Purchase

Ancient Arrow x3 Cost and Materials
Rupees (×250)
Ancient Screw IconAncient Screw (×6)
Ancient Shaft IconAncient Shaft (×3)
Arrow (×3)

Ancient Arrow (x5)

Ancient Arrow x 5 Purchase

Ancient Arrow x5 Cost and Materials
Rupees (×400)
Ancient Shaft IconAncient Shaft (×5)
Arrow (×5)

Methods for Farming Materials for Ancient Arrows

Guardian Stalker Encounter

The best way to farm materials for Ancient Arrows is by defeating Guardian Stalkers. Although all Guardian-type enemies have a chance to drop Ancient Shafts and Ancient Springs, Guardian Stalkers drop the most amount of ancient materials.

Dismember Guardian Legs

To get the most out of the Guardian Stalker's drops, it's best to dismember all six of its legs. Destroying a Guardian's leg always guarantees a drop of at least 1 Ancient Spring and Ancient Screw.

Guardian Stasisfied

Start by stunning the Guardian with Stasis and hitting one of its legs repeatedly. Depending on your weapon, it may take several hits before the leg shatters.

The best weapon to use against Guardians are Guardian Weapons and The Master Sword. These weapons can break a Guardian's legs in less than three hits!

Guardian Leg Shattered
Shattering a Guardian's Leg stuns it for a few seconds. Use this opportunity to run to its next leg!

Guardian No Legs
Destroying all six of a Guardian's Legs nets you at least 6 Ancient Springs and 6 Ancient Screws, on top of any ancient materials it drops after defeating it.

Loot from Destroyed Guardians

Looting a Destroyed Guardian
You can also get ancient materials from looting destroyed guardians in the overland. There are two locations where you can loot a lot of them: Blatchery Plain and Torin Wetland.

Blatchery Plain

Blatchery Plain Map
Blatchery Plain is located West Necluda region southwest of Fort Hateno. You can easily travel to it by warping at Ha Dahamar Shrine and travelling east past the Dueling Peaks Stable.

The area contains many remains of destroyed guardians and two Decayed Guardains that will fire at you when you get close. The area also has a roving band of Bokoblins that may chase after you as you're looting the Guardians.

Torin Wetland

Torin Wetland Map

Torin Wetland is located in the Akkala Highlands region directly west of Tarrey Town. You can travel there by warping at Dah Hesho Shrine and gliding north to the wetlands.

The area has arguably the most amount of destroyed guardians in the game, making the wetlands appear more like a graveyard. Be careful while farming gathering materials in this area as there are two active Guardian Stalkers roaming the field.

Ancient Arrow Farming Tips

Use the Master Sword

Guardian Master Sword
The Master Sword does extra damage against Guardian-type enemies and, unlike other weapons, only needs to recharge instead of breaking.

If powered up to its full potential through the Master Trials DLC, the Master Sword only requires two hits to shatter a Guardian's Legs, making it the most efficient weapon to use when farming for Ancient Materials!

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