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Destroy Ganon Walkthrough: How to Get Through Hyrule Castle

Destroy Ganon walkthrough

This is a guide to the Main Quest, Destroy Ganon, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). This guide will show you how to progress through Hyrule Castle and find Calamity Ganon, the final boss of the game.

How to Start Destroy Ganon

Destroy Ganon Location

Quest Giver King Rhoam
Location Kakariko Village
Region Central

After completing The Isolated Plateau quest, the King will tell you your ultimate task: to save Princess Zelda and defeat Ganon to restore the land of Hyrule.

Tips Before Going to Hyrule Castle

This is a list of what you should do before heading out to the ever-dangerous Hyrule Castle. Before you can even reach Ganon, you will be encountering a lot of Guardians, as well as poweful monsters such as Lynels.

Objectives Guide

Free the Divine Beasts
Before heading to Hyrule Castle, it is recommended to defeat the four phantoms of Ganon inside the Divine Beasts.

Doing so will gain you assistance from the Divine Beasts, dealing damage to Ganon's HP before the start of the battle.
Free the Divine Beasts Walkthrough and Guide

Get the Master Sword
The Master Sword, or the sword that seals the darkness, is a powerful weapon against Ganon, Guardians, and Malice-infested monsters

It is highly reccomended to get this for your battles in the Divine Beasts and against Calamity Ganon.
The Hero's Sword Walkthrough and Guide

Upgrade Your Armor
Wearing high-defense armor is also important. You can upgrade your armor once you have unlocked a Great Fairy Fountain.

You can get also the Champion's Tunic from Impa after recovering one memory from the album.
Find the Fairy Fountain Walkthrough and Guide

Maximize Your Hearts
The enemies inside and around the castle deal huge amounts of damage.

Toughen up by freeing Divine Beasts, clearing more Shrines, and exchanging Spirit Orbs to get more Heart Containers.

You can also cook up Hearty meals to get extra temportary hearts.
Shrines Map and All Shrine Locations
The Best Recipes You Need to Cook

Stock Up on Arrows
No matter how much you will try to avoid Guardians, you will need to get rid of some of them. Stock up on Ancient Arrows to get them in one hit.

There will also be Treasure Chests all around the castle, containing different kinds of Arrows such as Ice Arrows and Bomb Arrows.

When Should You Go to Hyrule Castle?

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) Hyrule Castle in the distance
Ideally, going to Hyrule Castle to defeat Calamity Ganon is the last thing you should do in the game, but you are free to try going for it at any moment.

We recommend heading out to Hyrule Castle after getting the Master Sword, and freeing all the Divine Beasts.

To be extra safe, you should get as many Heart Containers as you can, along with increasing your Stamina Wheel. Packing up food and elixirs with boosting effects will be helpful as well.

Destroy Ganon Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Get Into Hyrule Castle

Objectives Guide
1 Enter the Castle Premises The castle perimiter itself is already dangerous as Malice and Guardians are all over the place.

We recommend going through the back of the castle in the north because it is safer and faster to get to Ganon.

The entrance of the castle to the south is teeming with Guardians and Malice.
2 Hyrule Castle north approach
Use the north approach
From the northern pillar of Hyrule Castle, glide to the other side while avoiding the Guardian Skywatcher. You'll be greeted by a Guardian Turret so take it down with 3 deflected beams.
Enter the castle
Unlike the Divine Beasts, your only goal here is to get to the top where Calamity Ganon is.

Start by climbing the wall where the Turret was positioned.

Chest behind the wall
Go down the wall and around it to see a pile of rocks hiding a chest with 5 Shock Arrows.
Climb the ledges
Climb the ledges to your right until you reach a gate.

Chest along the ledge
While heading to the gate, you'll come across another pile of rocks. Destroy it with a bomb for a chest containing 5 Bomb Arrows.
Enter the gate
Enter through the gate and go up. Two Guardians will lock on to you at the end of the path, destroy them one by one.
Go to the library
Head left until you find a passage going down guarded by a Decayed Guardian. Go down and take out the Malice blocking the library.

Stock Up on Weapons

Get through the library
On the same floor, make your way to the other side of the library while dealing with Lizalfoses attacking you. You'll find a Great Frostblade stuck in the corner of the next room.

Treasures behind metal shelves
Use Magnesis in the Library to locate metal shelves. Drag them out for rooms with chests and rare items.
Reach the Dining Hall
Make your way through the hallway until you reach a room with a Black Moblin. Defeat it so you can freely grab the weapons in the room.

Go up then right at the fork to reach the doors of the Dining Hall.

Treasures behind breakable walls
If you go left at the fork, you'll find two breakable walls. The right wall has a sleeping Lizalfos while the other one has rusty weapons and a Royal Guard's Sword.
Reach the Observation Room
Go down the hallway past the Dining Hall to reach a pool of Malice and a Moblin. Upstairs is the Observation Room which contains another pair of the previous enemies as well as some weapons.

Loot the Dining Hall
Inside the Dining Hall are 4 Moblins, two on either sides.

They can only get through the leftmost door so you can snipe them with your bow through the slightly opened doors before going inside to pick up the food materials inside as well as the Royal Guard's Spear in the fireplace (use Magnesis).

Make Your Way to the Sanctum

Climb the cliffs
From the entrance of the library, go left past the Decayed Guardian until you find 3 burnt trees. Climb one of them then once you're at the top, jump over to the cliffside.

Be quick on climbing to the top so you can take cover from the Guardian Turret.
Go to the Sanctum
Now it's just a short walk to the entrance of the Sanctum but be aware that there are still Guardians in the area.

Defeat Ganon

12 Defeat the Phantom Ganons If you have not defeated the phantoms of Ganon in the Divine Beasts, you will be facing them first in a series of battles.
Ganon Boss Guides:
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Defeat Calamity Ganon
You'll now face against Calamity Ganon itself.

The Divine Beasts that you have freed will reduce the Ganon's health down to about 50%. Otherwise, you'll fight Calamity Ganon at full strength.

Calamity Ganon Boss Guide

Destroy Ganon Quest Rewards

Destroy Ganon Quest Rewards

Adventure Log Entries

This is a full list of the Adventure Log entries for Destroy Ganon.

Entry Entry Text
Quest Start The ghost of King Rhoam told you that Hyrule is on the brink of annihilation.

Princess Zelda is currently fighting to contain Calamity Ganon inside Hyrule Castle, but her power cannot keep him at bay forever. Eventually Ganon will regain his full strength and destroy the world.

Your ultimate task is to aid Princess Zelda in defeating Ganon before that can happen.
Quest Clear

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