Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

Windblight Ganon Boss Guide

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) Windblight Ganon

This is a guide to the Windblight Ganon boss fight in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW).

How to Beat Windblight Ganon

Observe His Attack Patterns

Watch Windblight Ganon's movements carefully to see what he will do next. His attack set will also change once you get his HP down to 50%.

Windblight Ganon Phase 1 Strategy

Windblight Ganon teleports quickly after each of his attacks, making it difficult for melee blows. Use your bow to land critical hits on his eye, and unleash your attacks when he is down.

Cannon Lasers
Windblight Ganon will raise his cannon hand, and will shoot 4 lasers at your direction. You can run or jump to the side to dodge them, or hide behind columns.

He will swipe his free hand to summon a tornado which moves in a zig-zag motion, destroying columns that it touches. Get far from it.

Use the Updrafts

There are wind turbines across Vah Medoh's back, so use those to fly high and get a better shot at Windblight Ganon.

Use the Columns as Cover

You can hide behind the columns all around the battlefield to dodge his direct laser attacks. Take note that by doing so, the columns will get destroyed.

Windblight Ganon Phase 2 Strategy

After bringing his HP down to half, he will summon four turrets that he will use for his new attacks. He will also use attacks from the first phase if he is on the ground level.

Ricochet Lasers
The turrets will circle around Ganon, and he will shoot his lasers at them which will bounce off to the ground. Jump or run around to dodge them.

Two Tornadoes
He will swing his cannon hand and summon two large tornados that move to your direction. Just run far from it when they are close.

Tornado Blast
The turrets will circle around the cannon, which willl shoot a quick blast of tornado right at you. Move away or take cover when he is charging up for the attack.

When his HP is low, he will prepare to shoot a laser at you, following your movement. You can dodge just in time, or hide behind a boulder.

Destroying the Turrets is Not Worth It

You can destroy the turrets by shooting them with your bow, and this will lessen the impact of the attacks. However, the turrets will respawn over time. We recommend using your arrows on Ganon instead, and dodge his attacks, since the turrets do not attack you directly.

Windblight Ganon Base Info

Windblight Ganon
HP 800
Species Ganon
This phantom of Ganon attacked the Divine Beast Vah Medoh and was responsible for demise of the Champion Revali. It specializes in long-range wind attacks.

Where to Find Windblight Ganon

BotW - Divine Beast Vah Medoh

Windblight Ganon's Location

Windblight Ganon is the boss of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh dungeon found in the Tabantha Tower Region and part of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh main quest. Check below for a full guide on how to clear the dungeon, as well as a list of other treasures available in it!

Vah Medoh Dungeon Walkthrough

Windblight Ganon Drops

Windblight Ganon Reward
Heart Container

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