Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

How to Get the Master Sword

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This guide will show you how to get the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to see the Master Sword's stats, effects, prices, and where to find it.

Master Sword General Info

Base Info

Master Sword
Weapon Type One-Handed
Attack Power 30 (Base)
60 when near Guardians or Malice, as well as inside of Hyrule Castle. Permanently rises to 60 after completing the Trial of the Sword (10 for each set of trials).
Durability 40 (Increases when powered up)
Effect Unbreakable, Shoots Beams when Thrown (Must have full hearts)
The legendary sword that seals the darkness. Its blade gleams with a sacred luster that can oppose the Calamity. Only a hero chosen by the sword itself may wield it.

Using the Master Sword

The Master Sword is Link's iconic sword that seals darkness and defeats evil, but in Breath of the Wild, it is technically an optional weapon that is very good when doing one of the Divine Beast Quests, or when taking on Hyrule Castle, since it will power up to 60 attack and have increased durability. Unlike other weapons, which break after a certain number of uses, the Master Sword simply runs out of power, and will take 10 minutes to recharge.

While the Master Sword's base attack of 30 is not incredibly high, it does power up when inside of Divine Beasts and Hyrule Castle, as well as when around certain enemeis (Guardians, Malice, etc). The Master Sword's power can be permanately awakened by completing the DLC quest “Trial of the Sword”. Doing so will result in its attack rising to 60 and having significantly increased durability at all times.

The Master Sword can be found in the Korok Village, set into a pedestal. You will need to travel through the Lost Woods and have at least 13 Heart Containers in order to acquire the Master Sword.

How to Get the Master Sword

How to Get the Master Sword

Location Korok Forest
Quest The Hero's Sword

The Master Sword is the main focus of a Main Quest titled The Hero's Sword, which is unlocked after meeting with Impa in Kakariko Village. While technically an optional quest, we highly recommend clearing this quest for the Master Sword, as it provides a big advantageous anywhere, but especially when up against Ganon and in each Divine Beast.

How Many Hearts for the Master Sword?

The Master Sword can be found in the Lost Woods, Northwest of Hyrule Castle. Although the sword is easy to get to the Master Sword can only be acquired after you have a total of 13 Hearts or more.

Obtaining 13 Hearts

Since you start off with 3 hearts by default, you will need to collect 10 more before you are ready to draw the Master Sword from its pedestal. You can earn one extra heart for every 4 spirit orbs you collect from clearing a shrine, or get a heart container from each Divine Beast, which will give you another heart. This means that you will need to have cleared one of the following:

  • 40 Shrines and 0 Divine Beasts
  • 36 Shrines and 1 Divine Beast
  • 32 Shrines and 2 Divine Beasts
  • 28 Shrines and 3 Divine Beasts
  • 24 Shrines and 4 Divine Beasts

Getting Through The Lost Woods

Botw - Lost Woods Entrance
The Lost Woods is a puzzle of its own. Attempting to run straight to the forest causes Link to get lost in the fog and sent back to the beginning of the area.

Follow the Flames

Botw - Lost Woods Torch Trails
To get through the Lost Woods, you need to take note of the lit torch stands and follow the direction where the wind is blowing the flames.

Botw - Lost Wood Torches in the Distance
Getting through the first part of the area is pretty straightforward as all you need to do is look for the lit torch stands and follow the ember trails.

Light a Torch

Botw - Lost Woods Last Two Torches
Eventually, you'll reach the last two torch stands. There will be no more torch stands to guide you, so take the unlit torch and light it on one of the stands.

Botw - Lost Woods Lit Torch
Hold up your lit torch. You'll notice that the wind is still blowing the embers. Follow the trail to lead you to the right direction. Walk slowly during this part of the puzzle as running may cause you to get off the track and get engulfed by the fog.

Botw - Lost Woods Torch Changing Direction
Make it a point to double check the ember trails as the direction where the wind is blowing may change as you progress through the forest.

Botw - Lost Woods The Three Trees
Once you reach these three trees, you're close to the end!

Korok Village

Botw - Lost Woods Clearing
Once you pass the three trees, you'll end up in a clearing where the fog will start to fade.

Botw - Korok Forest Entrance
Go through the valley and you'll eventually find the entrace to Korok Village. At the center of the village is the fabled Sword of Evil's Bane - the Master Sword!

Botw - Hestu Korok Forest
You'll also find Hestu to the right from the village entrance. Be sure to give him any Korok Seeds you've collected so far!

Pulling The Master Sword

After some dialogue with The Great Deku Tree, you can attempt to pull the Master Sword from its stone hilt. It will also warn Link that he needs to use his "true strength" to pull the sword.

Link will start losing hearts as he attempts to pull the Master Sword from its resting place. You need at least 13 Hearts to successfully pull the sword.

The first time you attempt to pull the sword with less than 13 hearts, The Great Deku Tree will stop you at 1/4 hearts and tell you that you are not strong enough to wield the sword.

After this point, if you try to lift the sword again without the 13 Hearts and without releasing the Sword, Link will die. Using temporary hearts will not count towards the required 13 hearts to lifting the sword.

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