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Divine Beast Vah Naboris (Quest) Walkthrough and Guide

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Botw - The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) Divine Beast Vah Naboris Main Quest

This is a guide to the Main Quest, Divine Beast Vah Naboris in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Here you can find the quest walkthrough, where to start Divine Beast Vah Naboris, and all quest rewards.

How to Start Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Divine Beast Vah Naboris Location

Quest Giver Riju
Location Gerudo Town
Region Wasteland

After successfully sneaking into Gerudo Town, go up to the Palace to speak with Gerudo Chief, Riju. Before you can confront Vah Naboris, she will ask you to retrieve an heirloom.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Find the Yiga Clan's Hideout

Objectives Guide
Talk to Captain Tekae
Head to the arch to the right to go to the soldiers' barracks. Speak to the Gerudo on the staircase.

You can talk to the soldiers to get more information as well.
Nearby: Daqo Chisay Shrine
Head to Karusa Valley
Karusa Valley is found in the northern part of Gerudo. Head north until you see a valley with flags hung on the mountains. Just before the entrance are distinguishable tall pillars.

Beware of the falling boulders inside the valley.
Tips: We recommend using a Sand Seal and surfing to get to the destination faster. It costs 20 Rupees to rent one, but with a shield it costs 40 Rupees. They can also be caught outside town.
Get to the Hideout
The hideout is found further up the valley. If you rode a Sand Seal, you will need to get off, and go on foot.
Defeat the Yiga Soldiers
On the way, you will get flanked by a Yiga Footsoldier. Three more will show up further in. They have low HP, but they keep teleporting slightly out of reach. Equipping a light, fast weapon like a Spear is the best way to easily defeat them.

Defeating them gives you Rupees, Mighty Bananas, and Duplex Bows.
Find the Secret Entrance
Inside, you will find banners around the room. There is a Torch which you can use to burn banners and find the entrance, or you can light up an Arrow to shoot them.

Burn the second banner from the center to reveal the entrance.

Get the Treasure Chests
Optional: You might want to consider burning the other banners to see what is inside. Some have Treasure Chests, and some have Keese waiting behind them.

In the center banner is a Chest containing a Sapphire, and the leftmost banner has a Chest containing a Purple Rupee (50 Rupees).

Infiltrate the Yiga Clan Hideout

Dropping Mighty Bananas on the ground is important to this phase of the quest. Check this short explanation on how to place items on the ground if you need to.

How to Place Items on the Ground
To place an item on the ground, open up your inventory by pressing the (+) button and selecting the item from Materials.

Hold the item, and press B to go back to the game. Press A to drop the item on the desired spot or R to throw it.

Yiga Clan Hideout Walkthrough

Take the Mighty Bananas
Upon entering, take the 2 Mighty Bananas on the table. This is crucial to getting around the hideout safely.

Talk to Berta
If you talked to the soldiers back at the barracks, you will see Barta, the Gerudo who had gone missing.

You can talk to her to reveal the Yiga Clan's love for bananas, which you can use to distract them.
Stay Low
Retrieve the Divine Helm without being noticed by the enemies. Otherwise, they will call backup and attack you. At that point, it will be almost impossible to fight back.

Press the left control stick to crouch, and stay silent.
Tip: Consume stealth-boosting food or Sneaky Elixirs, or wear the Stealth Armor Set beforehand.
Paraglide Down
(Short Route)
If you are feeling confident, you can glide down from the top when the Footsoldier is at the left side of the room, then make your way to the exit.

Distract the Footsoldier
(Long Route)
Go down the stairs. The next room has two parallel walls, where you can hide behind while the Soldier patrols around them.

When he is on the left, place a Mighty Banana on the right side of the wall. Get to the exit while he goes to the Banana with his back turned.
Distract the Blademaster
Go down the stairs to the next room. A Yiga Blademaster will be guarding the door. You can hide behind the tall boxes, and place a Banana on the ground for him to go to, or you can hit the shelf with a banana at the back to distract him.
Tips: Be careful where you place items. You cannot place items while crouching down, so make sure you are behind a tall box before doing so.

Get the Treasure Chest
In the next room, there is a Treasure Chest to the right containing a Sapphire. Make sure he looks away first by distracting him with Bananas before you go to it.

Sneak Around the Yiga Blademasters

Climb the Ladder
Up the stairs is a large room to the right teeming with Blademasters, so go forward and climb the ladder up.

Get to the Secret Stash
Optional: Continue forward on the roof to see a room filled with 18 Mighty Bananas, and a Treasure Chest containing a Topaz.
Jump Down to the Tall Platform
From the open window, jump down to the tall platform where one guard is circling around it.

Get the Gemstones
Optional: Just below, there are gemstones on top of barrels, namely: an Opal, Topaz, Amber, and a Ruby.

You can shoot the shelf with a banana on the wall, or drop one yourself to distract the guard. You can also pick the gemstones while crouching behind the guard.

Climb back up to the tall platform after.
Distract the Second Guard
In front is a second guard circling a long table. Distract him by shooting the banana shelf in front of you.
Paraglide to the Ladder
While the guard is distracted, glide down and climb the ladder at the end of the room to get up to the wooden beams.

Get the Treasure Chest on the Right
Optional: To the right you will see some Bananas, and a Treasure Chest containing a Silver Rupee (100 Rupees). Walk across carefully to get there.
Walk to the Arch
To the far corner of the room is a large gate guarded by a Blademaster. Crouch and sneak your way there.

Get the Treasure Chest Behind the Arch
Optional: Just behind the arch, you can climb up to get a Treasure Chest behind, containing a Topaz.

Get the Treasure Chest in the Secret Room
Optional: To the right of the arch is a ladder leading to a secret room. From the wooden beams, carefully jump to the platform.

Instead of climbing down the ladder. Glide to the right to carefully pass through walls of spikes.

Inside the room are two Chests, each containing a Gold Rupee (300 Rupees).
Watch Out: Do not burn the banner on the wall as that leads back to the large room, and you will be discovered.
Distract the Guard
Position yourself on a ledge in front of the guard by the gate, and drop some Bananas down.
Glide to the Door
When the guard moves away and goes to the Bananas, jump and glide your way to the door.
Use Magnesis on the Metal Wall
Inside is another room. It may look like a dead end, but there is a secret door.

Equip Magnesis, and turn the wall on the right to reveal the exit to the hideout.

Get the Treasure Chests
At the center of the room is a Treasure Chest containing Mighty Bananas.

However, there are three more that can be pulled up from the ground using Magnesis. The Chests contain two Topaz and a Ruby.

Defeat Master Kohga

Defeat Master Kohga
Outside, you stumble upon Master Kohga's napping spot. Defeat the leader of Yiga Clan to stop him once and for all!
Master Kohga Boss Guide
Get the Thunder Helm
After beating Master Kohga, open the Treasure Chest that will appear. It contains the Thunder Helm that was stolen from Riju.

Shoot Vah Naboris's Feet with Bomb Arrows

Return the Heirloom
Go back to Gerudo Town and return the stolen heirloom to Riju. She is found on the second floor of the palace.
Meet Up with Riju at the Lookout Post
Head out to the lookout post found southeast of the town. Climb the post and talk to Riju to start the battle. She will give you 20 Bomb Arrows.

Tips: Take this time to practice how to sand-seal surf as you will need it to face the Divine Beast. You can catch one outside, but it might be easier to rent one in town.

Get the Golden Bow
Inside the building at the outlook post is a Treasure Chest containing a Golden Bow. It has a Quick Shot effect; perfect when facing Vah Naboris.
Stay Within Rjiu's Range of Protection
With you and Riju sand-seal surfing to Vah Naboris, make sure you stay within Riju's range so you will be protected from the Beast's lightning attacks.
Hit Naboris's Feet with Bomb Arrows
When you are close enough, equip your Bomb Arrows, and hit the Beast's feet. You may need to hit them once or twice before they deactivate.

Repeat until you deactivate all four feet.

Take Back Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Explore Inside the Divine Beast
Go inside the Divine Beast to activate the terminals and the main control unit.
Vah Naboris Dungeon Walkthrough
25 The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) Parry Thunderblight Ganon
Defeat Thunderblight Ganon
Before you can activate the main control unit, you need to defeat Thunderblight Ganon. With an axe and shield, he utilizes lightning-based attacks.
Thunderblight Ganon Guide
Report Back to Chief Riju
With Vah Naboris appeased, report back to Riju in Gerudo Town to tell her the news.

Get the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker
Optional: As a reward, you can get two Treasure Chests at the back of the room. They contain the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker.

How to Beat Master Kohga

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) Master Kohga Boss Guide
Master Kohga has three attack strategies that are easy to tell apart and change when remove a third of his HP. Use your bow and his own rocks and objects against him when his forcefield is gone to knock him down, then close in and attack.

Master Kohga Attacks


Summon Rock

Summon Two Rocks

Summon Metal Spikeball

For the full strategy, check out our boss fight guide!

Master Kohga Boss Guide

Divine Beast Vah Naboris Quest Tips and Tricks

You Cannot Save the Game Inside the Yiga Clan Hideout

During your stay inside the Yiga Clan Hideout, you cannot save the game. When the enemies catch you and attack you, it will almost be impossible to fight back. Upon defeat, you will always restart at the entrance where Barta is locked up.

Prepare Stealth-Boosting Food or Armor

Infiltrating the Yiga Clan Hideout without being seen is not an easy task. We recommend packing stealth-boosting food or Sneaky Elixirs before heading to the hideout.

You can also purchase the Stealth Armor Set at Kakariko Village. The whole set is a bit pricey, but if you are willing to sell some Materials for it, it will be worth it in the long run.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris Quest Rewards

Divine Beast Vah Naboris Quest Rewards
Heart Container Urbosa's Fury
Scimitar of the Seven Daybreaker

Adventure Log Entries

This is a full list of the Adventure Log entries for Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Entry Entry Text
Quest Start The leader of the Gerudo, Lady Riju, asked for your help in conquering Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Before you can confront the Divine Beast, the Gerudo need help recovering the chief's heirloom, which has been stolen. Captain Teake in the soldiers' barracks has the latest information on the thieves.
1st Update After speaking with Captain Teake, you learned that the thieves are hiding out in Karusa Valley, but the hideout itself has not been scouted by any of the soldiers.

Gather additional information from the soldiers, and then head for the thieves' hideout.
2nd Update You've arrived in the thieves' hideout! You can sense many people waiting within―you would be at a disadvantage if a fight wre to break out.

Sneak into the hideout, and recover the Gerudo chief's heirloom.
3rd Update You retrieved the chief's heirloom from the thieves' leader!

It's time to head back to Gerudo Town and return the heirloom to Riju!
4th Update At last you are ready to take on the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Head for the lookout post where Riju is waiting for you.

Riju has told you that a fight with the Divine Beast will go much more smoothly for one who knows how to sand-seal surf.
5th Update The fight with the Divine Beast Vah Naboris has begun. Attack the feet of the Divine Beast using bomb arrows to stop its movement.

It seems that staying close to Riju will nullify the effects of the Divine Beast's powerful lightning attacks.
6th Update You succeeded in taking out all four of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris's feet, stopping its movement!

Continue your quest by entering Naboris.
7th Update You defeated the Thunderblight Ganon lurking deep within the Divine Beast Vah Naboris!

Urbosa's Divine Beast Vah Naboris has taken up a position in the eastern region of the Gerudo Desert.

Make your way back to Gerudo Town, and report to the chief of the Gerudo, Riju!
Quest Clear You've reported to Riju that you've conquered Divine Beast Vah Naboris!

You've learned how to use Urbosa's Fury, one of the Champions' blessings.

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