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Divine Beast Vah Ruta (Quest) Walkthrough

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) Divine Beast Vah Ruta
This is a guide to the Main Quest, Divine Beast Vah Ruta, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Here you can find the quest walkthrough, where to start Divine Beast Vah Ruta and all quest rewards.

How to Start Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Divine Beast Vah Ruta Location

Quest Giver King Dorephan
Location Zora's Domain
Region Lanayru

After talking to Zora Domain's king, Sidon offers you help in appeasing the Divine Beast, Vah Ruta. You will also receive Zora Armor from the king, which will allow you to swim up waterfalls.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Get to Ploymus Mountain

Objectives Guide
Talk to Muzu by the Fountain
Wear the Zora Armor you have just received, and head to the square to talk to Muzu. When he realizes who Mipha made the armor for, he will tell you where to get Shock Arrows.
Head to the East Gate
From Zora Domain's second floor, head east and cross the bridge to get to Ploymus Mountain.
Go Up the Waterfalls
Continue straight to take the shortcut to the mountain. Swim up to the wall, and press A to swim up the waterfalls. Continue swimming up until you reach the top.
Get to Shatterback Point
Follow the path to Shatterback Point at the top of the mountain. At this point, there will be a few Shock Arrows you can collect.

Collect Shock Arrows

Sneak Around
Lynels should not be taken lightly, as they are mini-bosses in the game. If you are not prepared, you can sneak around Shatterback Point. We recommend using stealth-boosting food or armor.

Make sure you do not get the attention of the Lynel. If it sees you, flee as fast as you can, then come back later.

Defeat the Lynel
Optional: If you are up to the challenge, you can face the Lynel head on. Make sure you are well-prepared on equipment, stat-boosting food and elixirs.
Tips: From afar, you can use your bow to deal damage and stun it. The Lynel can one-hit you so do your best to dodge its attacks. It will also shoot you with Shock Arrows, so use the rocks to take cover.
Collect Shock Arrows
Shock Arrows are scattered around Shatterback Point. They can be found on tree trunks, and boulders, so make sure you scout the area.
Meet with Sidon at East Reservoir Lake
After collecting 20 Shock Arrows, go to the East Reservoir Lake to meet with Sidon. The lake is just below, so you can use your paraglider. Once you are ready, talk to Sidon to face the Divine Beast.

Activate the Orbs on Vah Ruta's Back

Use Cryonis to Destroy the Ice Blocks
The Beast will conjure ice blocks to throw at you. Use the Cryonis rune to destroy them when they are at your reach.
Swim Up the Waterfalls
Sidon will guide you where to go. When reaching the falls, immediately press A to swim upwards.
Shoot Shock Arrows at the Red Orbs
While in the air, press ZR to launch your bow. With the time slowed, use your shock arrows and aim for the orbs. The orbs will turn green when you successfully activate them.
Acitvate all Four Orbs
Repeat the steps above until you activate all four orbs.
Watch Out: Once you activate 2 orbs, spiked speherical ice blocks will start appearing. These move in the water and chase after you.

Take Back Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Explore Inside the Divine Beast
Enter the dungeon-like Divine Beast to take back control of it. You must first find the Guidance Stone to get the map, defeating enemies along the way.
Divine Beast Vah Ruta Dungeon Walkthrough
Defeat Waterblight Ganon
In order to truly free the Divine Beast, you must defeat Waterblight Ganon. He will attack using a spear and ice blocks, so be prepared.
Report Back to King Dorephan
With the Divine Beast appeased, go back to Zora's Domain to report to King Dorephan.

Get the Lightscale Trident
Optional: As gratitude for appeasing Vah Ruta, a Treasure Chest can be opened at the side, containing a Lightscale Trident.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta Quest Rewards

Divine Beast Vah Ruta Quest Rewards
Heart Container Mipha's Grace Lightscale Trident

Adventure Log Entries

This is a full list of the Adventure Log entries for Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Entry Entry Text
Quest Start You have been asked to help appease Vah Ruta, Divine Beast of Water. The task will require a great many shock arrows.

Find Muzu in Zora's Domain square to find out where to get them.
1st Update According to Muzu, you can get shock arrows from Ploymus Mountain.

Wearing the Zora armor allows you to swim up waterfalls, so swimming up the waterfall east of Zora's Domain will make for a nice shortcut.

First, you'll need to collect 20 shock arrows.
2nd Update You collected the 20 shock arrows you'll need to face the Divine Beast. Now head to East Reservoir Lake and meet with Sidon.

The lake is directly below Shatterback Point, the peak of Ploymus Mountain.
3rd Update You met up with Sidon at East Reservoir Lake and are ready to put those shock arrows to use. Their electricity can activate the devices on Divine Beast Vah Ruta's back.
4th Update You activated the devices on Divine Beast Vah Ruta's back, halting its barrage.

Now's your chance. Head inside and take back the Divine Beast!
5th Update You defeated Waterblight Ganon, which had taken control of Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta has been enshrined to the west of Lanayru Great Spring.

Return to Zora's Domain and report to King Dorephan.
Quest Clear You told King Dorephan everything that's happened so far, and now it seems even members of the Zora's Domain council have accepted you.

You've also earned one of the Champion's charms, Mipha's Grace.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta has enshrined itself in preparation for the battle with Calamity Ganon.

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