Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

List of Ores, Gems, and Minerals

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Breath of the Wild Ores and Materials

Here you can find a list of all ores, gems and mineral materials used for crafting and armor upgrades in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW).

List of Ores

Gem Stones

Item Source
BotW AmberAmber Ores, Monster Drop
BotW OpalOpal Ores, Monster Drop
BotW TopazTopaz Ores, Monster Drop
BotW RubyRuby Ores, Monster Drop
BotW SapphireSapphire Ores, Monster Drop
BotW DiamondDiamond Ores, Monster Drop

Minerals and Ores

Item Source
BotW FlintFlint ・Monster Drop
BotW Rock SaltRock Salt ・Item Shops


Item Source
BotW Star FragmentStar Fragment Shooting Stars

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All Items by Type

BotW Items
BotW - Bird EggMaterials BotW - Hyrule BassCreatures
BotW - DiamondOres (Treasure) BotW - Yellow Chuchu JellySpoils (Monster Parts)
Botw - Apple PieFood Chilly Elixir IconElixirs


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