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How to Get More Arrows | Arrow Farming Guide

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This is a guide to easily getting more Arrows in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn the best way to farm Arrows, as well as other information including buy prices and locations.

Arrow General Information

Arrow Smaller Box

Base Info

Breath of the Wild - Arrow
Weapon Type Arrow
Effect None
A common arrow. Its shaft was carved from the wood of a sturdy tree.

The basic arrow is the most common type of arrow for bows in the game. It's also used to craft Ancient Arrows.

How to Get Arrows

Where to Buy Arrows
・Curious Quiver (Kakariko)
・Danda (Arrow Shop)
・Shaillu (Item Shop)
・East Wind (Item Shop)
・Slippery Falcon (Item Shop)
・General Shoppe (All)
・Mubs (Item Shop)
・Coral Reef (Item Shop)
・Giro (Item Shop)
・Botrick (Item Shop)
・Gartan (Item Shop)
・Jini (Item Shop)
・Beedle (Any Location)

Locations and Prices

・Hyrule Field
・Eldin Canyon
Buy Price (x1) 5
Buy Price (x5) 20
Buy Price (x10) 35

Methods of Farming Arrows

Lizalfos Engagement
The best way to farm arrows is by defeating enemies that use bows. Although almost all enemies use bows, the most efficient monster to farm arrows from is the Lizalfos.

Lizalfos Farming at Zora's Domain

The best place to farm arrows from Lizalfos is the valley heading up to the Zora's Domain in the Lanaryu Region from Lanaryu Tower.

Lizalfos Arrow Bundle
Although the Lizalfos here use Shock Arrows against you, they only drop regular arrows in bundles of 5.

Note: While you can start your farming run from Lanaryu Tower, it's best to teleport to Zora's Domain and head down from Luto's Crossing. Starting from Zora's Domain ensures that the Lizalfos are facing away from you, allowing you to sneak up on them for easier kills.

The Blood Moon Rises Once Again
Defeating all Lizalfos in the valley can net you between 100 to 250 arrows per run. As with all monsters, the Lizalfos here will respawn after a Blood Moon.

Wooden Shield Arrow Farming

Stalkoblin Bow
You can farm arrows by using any wooden shield. The best enemies to farm using this method are Bokoblins, Stalkoblins, and Yiga Clan Footsoldiers that use bows.

Stuck Arrows
To farm arrows using this method, face an enemy and block with your wooden shield. The arrows they fire will stick to the shield and will be placed in your inventory when you release the ZL button.

Arrow Farming Tips

Use Spears Against Lizalfos

Lizalfos Spear
Lizalfos have a tendency to attack at range. Even when using close-ranged attacks, they will quickly jump back to avoid your attacks. When engaging Lizalfos, use spear-type weapons as these have a longer reach and can hit them even if they jump back.

Exploit the Lizalfos' Blind Spot

Lizalfos Blind Spot
Lizalfos have a blind spot under their chin. As long as you're directly under their head, the Lizalfos will lose sight of you. Use this to your advantage and hit them repeatedly with your strongest weapons!

Use the Lizalfos Mask

Curious Lizalfos Mask
Wearing the Lizalfos Mask allows you to get up close to Lizalfos who will react to your presence with curiousity. Wearing this mask as you make your way through the valley makes sneak attacks easier to do. You can also force the Lizalfos to gather around you and then strike all of them at once with Urbosa's Fury.

If you have The Master Trials DLC, you can also wear Majora's Mask, which functions the same as the Lizalfos Mask.

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