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Breath of the Wild (BotW) How to Get the Paraglider

This guide will show you how to get the Paraglider in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to see tips for paragliding, as well as where to start finding the Paraglider.

How to Get the Paraglider

BotW - Old Man mentions the Paraglider
The Paraglider is one of the key items that Link acquires early in the game, and it's needed to leave the Great Plateau and explore the world. In order to get the Paraglider, the player must do various tasks given by the Old Man.

Check markActivate Great Plateau Tower
Check markComplete Four Shrine Trials
Check markGo to the Temple of Time
Check markGet the Paraglider

Activate Great Plateau Tower

Objectives Guide
Activate Great Plateau Tower
After getting out of the Chamber of Resurrection, follow the quest markers until you activate the Great Plateau Tower.
Activate the Great Plateau Tower Guide
Complete Four Shrine Trials
After getting down and talking to the Old Man, you need to set out and clear all the four shrines on Great Plateau.
Oman Au Shrine
Ja Baij Shrine
Owa Daim Shrine
Keh Namut Shrine
Go to Temple of Time
Go to the Temple of Time and check the Goddess Statue there, exchanging Spirit Orbs for an extra Heart or more Stamina. Once done, the Old Man will call out to you from the roof.
Get the Paraglider
Head out the hole in the wall and up the ladder outside. Once on the roof, reach the Old Man and listen to his story to finally get the Paraglider.

For a full guide on how to clear the Prologue, you can check our our walkthough over here:

Prologue: The Great Plateau Walkthrough

Tips and Tricks for Paragliding

Enter Slow Motion in Midair

Slow-Motion Midair

You can slow down time to shoot an arrow while paragliding. Just pull out your bow midair then start shooting enemies until you run out of stamina. This is an effective way to pick off multiple enemies.

Create an Updraft with Burning Grass


Need a lift? You can create an updraft to ascend further through the air. Simply set lush grass (or Spicy Peppers) on fire and this will create gusts of wind that can push Link upward with his Paraglider.

Drop Bombs Over Enemy Camps

Drop Remote Bombs

If you spot an enemy camp while paragliding, you can drop and detonate Remote Bombs over them. You can cause extra destruction if the camp has bomb barrels lying around.

Close the Paraglider If You're Running Out of Stamina

Close and Open Paraglider

Paragliding from high places can take time before you reach the ground. If you're running low on stamina and you're still high up in the air, you can close the Paraglider and open it again just before you hit the ground.

Fast Travel When You Run Out of Stamina

Fast Travel Save

But in case you haven't been paying attention and suddenly ran out of stamina midair, you can quickly fast travel using your Sheikah Slate to save you from falling to your death.

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