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List of Two-Handed Weapons

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Breath of the Wild Two-Handed Weapons

This is a list of all two-handed weapons in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

List of Two-Handed Weapons

All BotW Two-Handed Weapons

No. Weapon Attack Power Location
252 BOTWKorok Leaf Korok Leaf 1 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
253 BOTWFarming Hoe Farming Hoe 16 ・East Necluda
・Hyrule Field
254 BOTWBoat Oar Boat Oar 14 ・East Necluda
・Necluda Sea
255 BOTWWoodcutter Woodcutter's Axe 3 ・West Necluda
・Hyrule Field
256 BOTWDouble Axe Double Axe 18 ・West Necluda
・Gerudo Highlands
257 BOTWIron Sledgehammer Iron Sledgehammer 12 ・Eldin Canyon
・Akkala Highlands
258 BOTWGiant Boomerang Giant Boomerang 25 ・West Necluda
・Hebra Mountains
259 BOTWTraveler Traveler's Claymore 10 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
260 BOTWSoldier Soldier's Claymore 20 ・Hyrule Field
・Faron Grasslands
261 BOTWKnight Knight's Claymore 38 ・Gerudo Desert
・Tabantha Frontier
262 BOTWRoyal Claymore Royal Claymore 52 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Gerudo Desert
263 BOTWSilver Longsword Silver Longsword 22 ・Lanayru Great Spring
・Lanayru Wetlands
264 BOTWCobble Crusher Cobble Crusher 15 ・Eldin Canyon
・Eldin Mountains
265 BOTWStone Smasher Stone Smasher 42 ・Eldin Canyon
・Hyrule Field
266 BOTWBoulder Breaker Boulder Breaker 60 Eldin Canyon
267 BOTWGolden Claymore Golden Claymore 28 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Hyrule Ridge
268 BOTWEightfold Longblade Eightfold Longblade 32 ・West Necluda
・Lanayru Great Spring
269 BOTWEdge of Duality Edge of Duality 50 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
270 BOTWAncient Bladesaw Ancient Bladesaw 55 Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
271 BOTWRusty Claymore Rusty Claymore 12 ・Hyrule Field
・Eldin Canyon
272 BOTWRoyal Guard Royal Guard's Claymore 72 Unknown
273 BOTWGreat Flameblade Great Flameblade 34 ・Hyrule Field
・Eldin Canyon
274 BOTWGreat Frostblade Great Frostblade 30 ・Hebra Mountains
・Hyrule Field
275 BOTWGreat Thunderblade Great Thunderblade 32 ・Hyrule Field
・Tabantha Frontier
276 BOTWBoko Bat Boko Bat 6 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
277 BOTWSpiked Boko Bat Spiked Boko Bat 18 ・Faron Grasslands
・East Necluda
278 BOTWDragonbone Boko Bat Dragonbone Boko Bat 36 ・Hyrule Ridge
・Necluda Sea
279 BOTWMoblin Club Moblin Club 9 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Faron Grasslands
280 BOTWSpiked Moblin Club Spiked Moblin Club 27 ・Hyrule Field
・Akkala Highlands
281 BOTWDragonbone Moblin Club Dragonbone Moblin Club 45 ・Hebra Mountains
・Eldin Mountains
282 BOTWAncient Battle Axe Ancient Battle Axe 30 ・Gerudo Desert
・Hyrule Field
283 BOTWAncient Battle Axe+ Ancient Battle Axe+ 45 ・Akkala Highlands
・Hyrule Field
284 BOTWAncient Battle Axe++ Ancient Battle Axe++ 60 ・Hebra Mountains
・Gerudo Highlands
285 BOTWLynel Crusher Lynel Crusher 36 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Tabantha Frontier
286 BOTWMighty Lynel Crusher Mighty Lynel Crusher 54 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Hebra Mountains
287 BOTWSavage Lynel Crusher Savage Lynel Crusher 78 ・Hebra Mountains
・Eldin Mountains
288 BOTWWindcleaver Windcleaver 40 ・Gerudo Highlands
・West Necluda
289 BOTWMoblin Arm Moblin Arm 15 Greater Hyrule

No. refers to the Hyrule Compendium number.

All amiibo Two-Handed Weapons

Item Attack Power amiibo
Sword of the Six Sages 48 Ganondorf amiibo
Biggoron's Sword 50 Ocarina of Time Link amiibo
Fierce Deity Sword 60 Majora's Mask Link amiibo

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